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Glossary of Aviation Terms

Welcome to one of the most researched and in-depth sources of private aviation terms and definitions. Aviation students researched this content using credible sources online as well as the library at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Abeam Absolute Altitude Absolute Ceiling
Aerial Refueling Aeronautical Charts AGL
Ailerons Air Ambulance Air Charter Operator
Air Traffic Control Air Traffic Controller Aircraft
Aircraft Management Aircraft Positioning Airfoil
Airport Airspeed Airway Distance
Airworthiness Directive (AD) Alternate Airport Altimeter
Altitude Amphibious floats Angle of attack
Approach (Departure) Control Approach light system Approach Speed
ASOS ATIS Aviation
Avionics Block Flying Time Block Rates
Block speed Carbon Credit Carbon Emissions
Carbon Offset Cardinal Altitude Catering
Ceiling Certificate Charter Broker
Charter Operator Class A Airspace Class B Airspace
Class C Airspace Class D Airspace Class E Airspace
Class F Airspace Class G Airspace Class I Navigation
Class II Navigation Clearance Contrail Streaks
Controlled Airspace Crosswind Cruise Speed
Cruising Altitude D-085 Deadhead
Decision Height Depreciation Direct Air Carrier
Drag Duty Time Eco-Jet Charter
ELT Empty Leg FAA
FAR FBO Ferry Flight
Flaps Fleet Manager Flight Plan
Flight Service Station Flight Standards District Office Flight Time
Floats FMS Fractional Ownership
Fuel Surcharge Fuselage General Aviation
General Aviation District Office GPS GPWS
Great Circle Distance Ground Speed Ground Transportation
Hangar Helicopter Helipad
Heliport Horse Power IATA Code
IFR Flight Plan ILS Indicated Airspeed
Indirect Air Carrier Instrument Meteorological Conditions International Airport
Jet Charter Broker Jet Stream Joint Ownership
Lateral Separation Lavatory Layover
Leg Lift Light Jet
Local Airport Advisory Longitudinal Separation Mach Number
Mayday Medevac Microburst
National Airspace System Navaids Navigation
NBAA Net/Net Oceanic Airspace
One-Ways PAN-PAN Part 121
Part 135 Part 61 Part 91
Pilot in Command Point to Point Pricing Positioning
Positioning Time Precipitation Private Airport
Propjet Radar Radar Flight Following
Radio Ramp Repositioning Time
Retail Quote Roger Runway
Runway Heading Scheduled Air Transportation Segment
Sigmet Speed of Sound Stage Length
Standard Rate Turn Tailwind Taxi Time
Third Party Verification Transmissometer Transponder
True Airspeed Vector Vertical Separation
VFR VFR Flight Plan Visibility
Visual Meteorological Conditions Waiting Time Waypoint

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