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Aviation is the single-term antithesis to Scottish physicist Lord Kelvin’s 1895 declaration, "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible." The term "aviation" encompasses all activities involving aircraft, including the people, organizations, and regulatory bodies associated with them.

Today, when we think of aviation, we think of the science of piloting aircraft that started with just a few people sharing a closet passion for the idea of controlled flight. Since the late 18th century, trial balloons, which were completely subject to winds, aviation hopefuls in every era have witnessed significant progress. By the early 1900s, scientists and aviators from a handful of places all over the globe had developed airframes capable of being successfully controlled in flight. Since those early achievements, we have seen the emergence of the international airline industry, air defense superiority, and the era of the globe-friendly jet charter service.

These days, the practical application of the concept of aviation has made us beneficiaries of the phenomenal opportunity it provides. From anywhere in the world, a luxurious charter service can be offered to accommodate the details of our every travel wish.

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