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Air Charter Operators are companies that operate the flight logistics of an air charter business. While the operators may not directly own the aircraft, they run the aircraft and operate them for the company. Air Charter Operators can own or lease their own fleet of aircraft, from small, single-engine airplanes to business jets to helicopters and passenger airliners. They may also rent or use someone else’s aircraft under the company’s name and give portions of the profit to the aircraft’s owner.

The operators may have air charter agents either working directly for them, which is usually only cost-effective if it is a very large company, or they may use agents that work with a charter company in order to attract more business. Charter operators that use free agents or charter agents often have a more diverse client base from a larger region. This business model works exceptionally well with smaller air charter operators.

Now, let’s say an air charter operator were to manage their own agents. The company would only be able to use their aircraft to service clients from their regions because that is where the agents and company operate their fleet from. If a company was large enough to have multiple fleets at multiple airports around the country or world, then this business model would work just fine.

However, for smaller companies with fewer aircraft in their fleet, a better choice is to use independent or charter agents to find a business for them. A businessman who needs a flight out of Pennsylvania within twelve hours cannot wait for an aircraft to come from California to pick him up. If there is an operator near the businessman’s location in Pennsylvania, the businessman’s air charter agent can contact the operator, set up the flight, take the businessman where he needs to go, and do it quickly.

Air Charter Operators work in conjunction with air charter agents to find the best service for their clients. This keeps business on schedule, both for the client and the charter companies.

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