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Point-to-point pricing is a term that comes from point-to-point air taxi. Point-to-point air taxi is the on-demand scheduling of smaller flights, usually 2 to 8 people, where a smaller airplane will travel from place to place, allowing paying customers to get on and off. Point-to-point pricing is the cost or rate of the air taxi to fly from point-to-point, thus the name.

The point-to-point pricing can vary based on the distance or destination flow. It also depends on the type of aircraft, the frequency of the route flown, and the cost of fuel and operation to fly point-to-point. Point-to-point flights are most commonly to secondary airports. This is because of the low cost of flying into and landing at airports that are not commercially populated. These airports are most often within a close distance to the preferred destination and can be reached with a small taxi, train, or bus ride. Since point-to-point flights are mainly to secondary airports, point-to-point pricing is much cheaper. For example, the cost of flying from Orlando International Airport (KMCO) to Miami International Airport (KMIA) would be much higher than the cost of flying from Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) to Homestead Airport (KX51). While flying is less expensive, the total cost of your trip to your destination can vary depending on how close the secondary airport is to your primary destination as well as the cost of transportation to your destination, and in some cases can cost more than just a flight between primary airports. However, the recent expansion of point-to-point flights into very light jets has helped level the cost of point-to-point pricing and given the market an advantage.

A leading competitor with point-to-point pricing is Stratus Jet Charters. They service the larger metropolitan areas of cities like Orlando, FL; Boston, MA; and New York, NY, flying into secondary airports and offering customers better pricing, better and more comfortable flights, and shorter travel times due to the reduction in delays and cancellations experienced in larger, more commercialized airports.

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