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With Paramount’s supplemental lift charter program, you will have access to a curated list of over 4,000 private jets.

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Top-performing companies around the world rely on business aviation to maximize productivity and profitability and enhance value. Many of these organizations operate their own flight departments to ensure having the needed lift to serve their critical missions, whether flying one or a fleet of aircraft.

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Nowadays, corporate operators face increasing challenges in meeting their lift needs. 

Industry-wide crew shortages make flight department staffing difficult while escalating salaries can strain flight department budgets — or exceed corporate limits for non-executive compensation.

Supply chain issues make maintaining private aircraft costlier, and the added time necessary for sourcing replacement parts can cause lengthy AOGs.

Misperceptions about the value of business aviation and ESG concerns can bring external pressure from investors, shareholders, and others to curtail flight operations.

New aircraft deliveries now extend two years or more into the future, while the preowned market no longer provides suitable alternatives, due to current high valuations and lack of quality inventory, hampering expansion among operators that need more lift.

Even the best-managed flight departments may find it difficult to meet ongoing lift needs, and these challenges are expected to intensify going forward. In response, some departments seeking to optimize operations have chosen to use supplemental lifts rather than expand their fleets, while a few companies have closed their flight departments outright, choosing to outsource all their lift instead.

These same access challenges can confront individual aircraft owners when they need supplemental lift due to unscheduled or scheduled maintenance events, or for missions for which their own aircraft is unsuitable.
All these business aviation users share one common need: on-call access to consistent and cost-effective, quality supplemental lift, a go-to resource for their planned or unplanned needs. In essence, an auxiliary corporate air wing. Paramount Business Jets, with more than 17 years’ experience as an international charter brokerage, has the answer: our Corporate Charter Flight Solutions.

Paramount Business Jets’ Corporate Wing Supplemental Lift Solutions

Paramount Business Jets’ Corporate Charter Flight Solutions is a program designed for flight departments seeking cost-effective options to augment their fleets, whether for occasional flights or on an ongoing basis. We can provide flight departments of any size with all the additional resources they may need to meet mission requirements beyond their in-house capacity.

Corporate Charter Flight Solutions blends the elements of Paramount Business Jets’ tiered Jet Cards membership plan to create a supplemental lift program tailored to each flight department’s individual needs and budget. It’s a program that already offers what we believe are the industry’s lowest markups over wholesale charter rates, consistently delivering the most cost-effective auxiliary lift options, regardless of aircraft category or route.

Your Corporate Wing Auxiliary Fleet

Paramount Business Jets sources lift from approximately 4,000 aircraft operated by our vetted network of fleet operators around the world — a curated collection large and diverse enough to meet any corporate lift need, yet exclusive enough to ensure the high quality of every aircraft and safety standard of every operator. All operators are Argus Gold or equivalent internationally; we provide a comprehensive, proprietary safety report on the crew and aircraft before every flight, accessible via a secure web portal or any other means selected by the client.

We develop each tailored corporate lift solution following a no-fee consultation and evaluation of your supplemental lift needs, based on frequency, category of aircraft, routes, preferred onboard equipment, and other mission requirements.

Transparent Pricing for Charter Flight

Paramount Business Jets’ hallmarks are safety and transparency. We provide the original invoices from our network charter operators for each flight, so clients see the wholesale cost, line item charges, and our commission. Our markup over wholesale is as low as 12 percent; we know of no other charter broker that has the same level of transparency or as low a markup as PBJ.

Easy Accounting and Streamlined Payment

All account activity — balances, charges, upcoming requests, and more — are immediately accessible via your secure portal and the mobile devices of authorized personnel. Paramount Business Jets will customize a payment structure based on the corporation's needs.

Additional Corporate Wing Benefits

Each corporate client has an individual aviation professional dedicated to their account, a single point of contact completely familiar with your needs. Our account managers understand corporate private aviation, how flight departments work, and the best options for providing additional lift. With call out times as little as two hours, Paramount Business Jets can often respond more quickly than a company’s own flight department.

In the current environment, outsourcing lift for times of maximum demand is often the most economical and reliable option, and we believe no other supplemental lift program is more responsive, transparent, or cost-effective than Paramount Business Jets’ Corporate Charter Flight Solutions. Maximize your operations, your budget, and your assets at minimum cost. Call, text, or email, and let us learn about your needs and explain how our tailored program can answer them.

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