Glossary of Aviation Terms | FBO

FBO | Paramount Business Jets

Fixed base operators (also known as fixed base of operation or FBOs) are service providers at airports that are either a private enterprise or a department of the municipality that the airport serves. There are roughly 5,245 FBOs in the United States and many more worldwide. Most of these FBOs are operated as franchisees or members of a chain.

In general, most FBOs offer aircraft fuel, oil, and parking, along with access to toilets, internet access, and telephones. Some FBOs offer other aircraft services such as hangar storage, maintenance, aircraft charter or rental, flight training, deicing, and ground services such as towing and baggage handling.

FBOs may also offer additional services not directly related to the aircraft, such as rental cars, lounges, and hotel reservations. While most FBO operators usually sell fuel for general aviation aircraft, some provide facilities for receiving and handling charter flights, VIP passengers, and business jets, and therefore are widely utilized by charter operators.

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