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Jet broking is an activity that forms part of the international aviation industry. Brokers act as specialist intermediaries between business travelers, freight shippers, and certified owner/operators of charter jets. A jet charter broker specializes in obtaining jet aircraft while representing the interests of a client.

A jet charter broker will deal directly with aircraft operators and other service providers to tackle issues such as competitive rates, contingency planning, organizing all the logistics of a trip, and how to get the customer to their ultimate destination. This saves the client valuable time and also ensures they get the best price and solution for their travel needs. Due to the fact that jet charter brokers do not own their aircraft, it can be strongly argued that they would be more inclined to look for the right aircraft for a specific trip because they are not limited by aircraft types.

Jet charter brokers can handle all the details of trip planning when clients are not able to. They will survey most aspects of a trip, such as obtaining copies of FAA flight certificates, documentation about the aircraft to be used, as well as backup aircraft available. Furthermore, the broker will normally review the operator's flight manifests for FBOs, mileage en route, anticipated departure and arrival times, and any plans that include overnight arrangements for the aircraft and crew.

Complementing jet charter flights every step of the way, jet charter brokers normally employ charter specialists who are trained in personalized concierge services and provide clients with five-star services catered to their exact specifications. In addition, they often utilize a network of approved partners and qualified operators that meet both FAA and industry safety requirements, as well as the needs of the most discerning travelers.

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