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Eco-Jet Charter | Paramount Business Jets

An eco-jet charter is a regular jet charter that aims to reduce carbon emissions through utilizing fuel-efficient aircraft and/or carbon offset programs that negate the effect of the flight on the environment. Many charter brokers and/or air carriers offer clients/passengers the option to reduce the impact of their flights with carbon offset providers.

Carbon offset providers work by funding clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects throughout the world and helping individuals balance out their "carbon footprint" every time they fly. Eco-jet charters enable clients to sponsor measured and verified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that balance out the emissions created by their flights. These carbon offset packages negate the carbon dioxide emissions created by aircraft, which is the primary cause of climate change.

When flying an eco-jet charter, a portion of the purchase price of the charter is used to fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects, including wind power; farm power, such as dairy farm methane digesters; and landfill gas capture. To calculate the carbon dioxide emissions of the flight, a flight emissions calculator is used, which takes the origin and destination for any flight and then calculates the distance of each of these flights. By applying some standard factors for fuel consumption during airline flights, provided by the World Resource Institute, the total flight miles are converted into estimated carbon dioxide emissions.

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