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Catering is one of the many amenities offered by the charter service. It can range from drinks, a snack, and a meal for the short-haul to a full seven-course meal for longer flights. As a luxury service, in-flight catering is a point of pride for charter operators. It is widely cherished as the highlight of the charter service and is a great way for the service providers to aim directly at the needs of the clients.

Catering is a flexible service that can be tailored to accommodate preferences. The most important precaution to bear in mind, though, is that this is not necessarily another form of take-out. Because several hours can elapse between preparation, transport to the aircraft, and actual service at cruising altitude, the foods to be served must be considered to ensure the safety and health of the passengers and crew.

If your business party is traveling around a holiday or celebratory event, you can request that the catering be part of the festivities. Birthday cakes, decorations, and special activities can all be ordered ahead of time and ready for your trip. With some creative planning, your celebration can start as soon as you step onto your charter aircraft!

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