Private Jet Carbon Offset Calculator

Our private jet carbon offset calculator is a tool that will help you instantly calculate the CO2 emissions for your trip using various aircraft types and categories. Giving you the option to lower your emissions without lowering your comfort level.

Our private jet carbon footprint offset calculator is an educational tool that allows you to see a selection of the best jets for a given private jet charter flight in terms of CO2 emissions. Please note that sometimes the greenest option may not be the best choice, as there may be situations where the jet with the lowest emission will not be available within proximity and will have to be repositioned which will emit additional CO2.

The tool simply provides suggestions that may or may not be taken into consideration. If you would like to know if a recommended jet is available for the route, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why Is It Worth Reducing The Carbon Footprint?

Global CO2 emissions rebound by nearly
5% in 2021, approaching the 2018-2019 peak*


Earth. Home to almost 8 billion people, with more than 70% of its surface covered by oceans. Yet, a number of environmental issues occur on the planet. Even though we know some things may negatively influence the Earth, it's hard to radically change the way we live and travel. But, there are some things that we, as humans, can do to make living on our planet a bit better, like reducing our carbon footprint or purchasing offsets.

Our mission is to help make private aviation greener around the world by making the process of offsetting carbon emissions for private jets simpler, faster, and more accessible to the entire private aviation industry. That is why we created the carbon footprint calculator. – Richard Zaher, CEO of Paramount Business Jets

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Offset Your Carbon Footprint By Investing In Nature

Now you know that. How about offseting your flight?

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Download Your Free Private Jet Carbon Emission Offset System

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Dear Competitor,

Download your free private carbon offsetting system and use it freely to support and educate your partners.

Click to download the file for free.

We've open-sourced this system's code and it's available as a free download for the entire industry.

The system has been created with HTML and JavaScript, with minimal CSS for styling. This is mainly as a proof of concept and to make it as easy as possible to modify and brand it according to your needs.

Feel free to integrate it and adapt the code with your preferred backend language to create your unique version of the Private Jet Carbon Offset System.

How Does the Carbon Offsetting Calculator Work?

The JavaScript file contains two JSON objects (aircraftById and aircraftByCategory) for the aircraft data, including the fuel burn for each type of aircraft. These numbers have been sourced through research.

Some aircraft do not have fuel burn numbers. For those aircraft, the system estimates the fuel burn by taking the average of all the other aircraft in the same category.

The formula used to calculate the emissions in pounds (lbs) is:

Emissions (lbs)
= Flight Time (hours) x Fuel Burn (gal/hr) x 21.1*

The emissions are converted to Metric Tonnes (mT) as follows:

Emissions (mT)
= Emissions (lbs) / 2204.60

*21.1 is the Carbon Dioxide Emissions Coefficient for Jet Fuel (lbs of CO2 emitted per gallon of fuel burnt), as specified by the US Energy Information Administration.

Methodology for infographics

To see the methodology used for the calculations in the infographics, please
Read the attached file