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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Charter

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What happens if a private jet has a mechanical and is grounded?

One of the most significant issues in the private jet charter industry is reliability. Mechanical issues happen for a variety of reasons. When a mechanical occurs, the aircraft maintenance team will take a quick look to see if they can fix it immediately. If a quick fix is not an option, the aircraft has to go into maintenance.

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What if I need to charter more than one private jet at the same time?

Occasionally, companies may need to fly executives in from multiple locations, or individuals may be flying several attendees to a party or gathering. PBJ's on-demand charter service allows you to secure multiple aircraft of different sizes at the same time. Our experts will suggest the best private jet for each mission to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

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What does private jet owner approval mean?

When you charter an aircraft, it is technically owned by somebody else. This person will have to give their approval before your booking can be confirmed. If not, you’ll need to consider other options. Under Part 135, most aircraft are individually owned by one owner.

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What is a private jet floating fleet?

Floating fleet is a term used to describe several aircraft of the same type in various locations which are all typically owned by one operator. For example, the operator could have multiple Gulfstream G-IVs, Citation Xs, or Challenger 300s located throughout the U.S. Because they own many of the same model, they do not need to return to base; instead, they simply change the pilots and crew where necessary.

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Do private jet aircraft remain with the client before flying back to home base?

When you’re flying on a round trip flight, operators in the USA charge a daily minimum charge, usually a two-hour minimum for super midsize jets and smaller and 2½ hours per day for larger aircraft. For this reason, in some cases it’s more practical to book two round trips than to keep the aircraft at your location.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of chartering a helicopter?

The main advantage of using a helicopter is that you’re able to depart via a helipad, which means you can fly in and out of tighter spaces and often land closer to your destination. The disadvantages are that helicopters hold few passengers and little luggage, and are also far more dependent on weather than fixed wing aircraft.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a turboprop?

Turboprops are versatile. They usually require just a 3,200 ft runway, so they can land at more airports. This flexibility also allows you to land closer to your destination. They also have larger cabins that can hold more passengers than light jets. The disadvantages are that turboprops fly below the jet stream at a much lower altitude, which means they’re affected by turbulence.

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Can I charter a brand-new aircraft?

There are many relatively new aircraft available for charter. For example, we may be able to help you charter an aircraft that is only one-year-old. However, most brand-new aircraft are purchased by owners and placed into charter at a later date.

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Can I get a tour of my aircraft before I book the flight?

Yes, you can take a tour of the aircraft before you book it. You can see what it looks like, step onboard and even meet the crew. This helps develop a relationship between the operator and the client and builds the foundation for a stronger future relationship, especially if the client lives locally.

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How do I choose the right aircraft?

The two key aspectsfeatures you should consider are the size and performance of the aircraft. Plus, you have to think about your personal preferences. Maybe you want the jet to be very luxurious; . Oor, maybe you’re flying solo alone on a short trip, for just four hours but would still prefer a large jet with a flight attendant. It’s all about what you want.

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Which private jets have flat floor cabins?

All large and ultra longultra- rangelong-range jets have flat floor cabins. Most super midsize jets also have flat floor cabins, while but only certain light jets have them. The alternative is a lower center aisle, oraisle or dropped aisle. Here, the center aisle is slightly lower than the seats, which sit on a platform.

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Which type of private jets accommodate skis?

Only certain midsize jets can carry skis. All super midsize jets and larger and over can accommodate skis. The Citation Mustang is the only private jet smaller than a midsize jet that has a ski chute. All super midsize jets and larger can fit in skis.

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How many golf bags can I fit on board an aircraft?

To know how many golf bags you can carry on an aircraft, you need to consider two things: aircraft size, and whether the golf bag is hard or soft. Hard cases take up a lot of space, so you won’t fit as many on board whereas soft cases are packed more tightly.

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How much luggage am I allowed to bring on a private jet?

As a rule of thumb, each seat on a light or midsize jet equates to one passenger and one item of luggage. Each item of luggage is considered to be the standard 23 kilograms, or about 50 lbs. Large jets are designed for long-range trips which typically involve longer stays, so you can carry more than one item of luggage per person.

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Do private jets come with Wi-Fi?

Many private jets do have Wi-Fi, and it’s increasingly available free of charge on U.S. domestic flights. On international flights, prices range from $3.00-$8.50 USD per megabyte used. This means that opening up social media sites that are rich in images and videos could quickly cost you $20 – and downloading a feature-length movie could cost thousands!

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Is the age of an aircraft a safety factor?

Aircraft age is not a safety factor. However, if the aircraft is older and hasn’t been refurbished properly, it may cause flyers some inconvenience such as overheating, faulty air conditioning, or faulty plumbing in the lavatory.

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Are there aircraft that are wheelchair accessible?

There are many aircraft which are wheelchair accessible. Most of them are large jets or above and have a straight aisle. If the jet has a zigzag aisle – like the Falcon 900 – it will be difficult to maneuver the wheelchair onboard the aircraft. You’ll also need the right type of wheelchair; many motorized wheelchairs won’t fit and can’t be collapsed. If this is the case, you’ll need a smaller, temporary wheelchair. Some aircraft operators have smaller wheelchairs that can be used.

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When should private jets be refurbished?

Private jets should be refurbished every six years on average. For the best flying experience, you’ll want one that’s been refurbished within the past two years. Even if an owner takes very good care of their jet it will still suffer general wear and tear over the years, from worn-down carpeting down the center aisle to chafing of the leather seats from constant contact with people and luggage.

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Can I access my luggage while in flight?

On most private jets, you will be able to access your luggage during the flight. That’s because luggage and passengers are situated on the same level. This is in contrast to commercial airlines, where checked luggage is stored in a cargo hold. On large private jets, luggage is often stored in a compartment behind the lavatory, which means easy access to your bags.

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When should I hire a Boeing Business Jet?

Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) have unique amenities that extend far beyond sheer size and are often equipped with 1-2 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms (one more of those bathrooms may even offer stand-up showers.) These airliner-based executive aircraft also feature tall or ‘stand-up’ cabins that are also longer and wider than more typical corporate aircraft.

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When is a turboprop better than using a jet?

If you’re on a short flight of up to 400 miles, or around an hour or less, a turboprop may be the cheapest option. Light jets typically have a two-hour minimum charge per day, so even if your flight is shorter than this, you’ll still be charged for two full hours. Turboprops often carry a 90-minute minimum, which is 25% less – so if you’re flying 45 minutes in each direction, a turboprop is ideal.

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When are private jet charter landing and takeoff slots applicable?

A landing or take off slot is simply a small window of time in which your aircraft is scheduled to fly in or out of the airport. You will need a landing and takeoff slot if you fly to a high-density airport in the United States, or one that is hosting a special event with a significant number of aircraft arriving and departing. If you’re flying internationally, you will need a landing and takeoff slot for all major cities in Europe.

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Which airports offer ramp access, allowing the client to drive their car right up to their private jet?

Private jet clients can often have a limo drive them right up to the private jet, or even drive their own car to the plane. That said, different airports have different policies and some may not offer ramp access.

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Do I have to stop for customs when I fly on a private jet?

Passengers on all international private charter flights will have to stop at customs. In certain countries, you may have to go through customs at a specific port of entry; for example, you must stop in Tahiti to perform customs checks en route to Bora Bora. You’ll also need to stop at the first port of entry when entering the U.S. from Mexico.

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Will my private jet charter use the same airport as a commercial airline?

Yes, when you charter a private jet you can access the same airports as a commercial airline. However, using a large mainstream airport like Los Angeles International or London Heathrow is often a bad choice for private jets, as flying to a smaller regional airport is much faster and often makes for a more luxurious experience.

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What are the benefits of using a private jet charter broker?

Using a private jet charter is like having a private aviation assistant. They learn about your preferences, needs, and family, ensuring a bespoke flying experience. They’ll also track your flight and take care of the little details.

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Is it beneficial to use multiple private jet charter brokers?

The short answer is no. Some people believe that the brokers will compete against each other, resulting in a lower price. This is incorrect; operators control the price of the trip, not brokers. Every broker who approaches an operator will receive the same price.

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Why should I use a private jet broker when I can book directly with an operator?

Booking via a broker can be cost-effective and safer. If you book directly through an operator, you’ll pay retail pricing. You’ll also be charged markups on extras that are added by the operator, and they’ll only give you quotes on aircraft within their own fleet, which hampers your options.

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What red flags can I expect with an unethical broker?

Clients should never be afraid to ask questions to determine if they’ve found the right charter broker for their needs. Here are some questions you might ask when looking for ‘red flags’ that could detract from your charter experience, along with the relevant answers.

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When flying privately when is on demand private jet charter better value than the fractional?

Generally speaking, the on-demand private jet charter model offers better value. This is only true, however, if you have a broker who prepares a backup option on every trip. This makes your flight just as reliable as a fractional model, but at a much cheaper cost.

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How does the cost of flying commercial compare to private charter flights?

Admittedly, private charter flights are much more expensive than commercial flights. To estimate the cost of flying privately in the US, use the following formula: (Cost of a first-class commercial ticket x 4) x number of seats in the aircraft. For example, a cheap first-class ticket is about $500. Multiply this by four to get $2,000. A light jet seats six. Multiply $2,000 by six to get $12,000. Always remember that you pay the same for a private jet regardless of how many people are flying.

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When is on-demand private jet charter better than buying a block of hours?

Private jet charter can be a lot cheaper than buying a block of hours for a one-way flight, as you can access floating fleets or an empty leg to reduce the cost. With a block of hours, the price covers a round trip. If you only fly one-way, you are effectively paying double.

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What are the disadvantages of on-demand private jet charter model?

The biggest challenge in private jet charter is to find a reputable broker. A good broker will be honest with you, consider your safety and have your best interests in mind. This means providing an excellent service that includes a backup option available for your flight.

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Can I book a private jet for an entire month?

Yes, and there are several ways to do this. You can ask your broker to request an aircraft from a series of operators. Typically, the operator will charge a two-hour minimum per day, which equates to a 60-hour minimum for a 30-day month.

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What is a charter flight?

A charter flight is a flight which is not part of the scheduled agenda provided by airlines. When you charter a flight, you are renting the aircraft for your own use, and on your schedule. You can select important details like the flight time and destination. This is in contrast to commercial flights, where you purchase a seat on a pre-existing flight.

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How far in advance should I book my private jet flight?

Generally speaking, you should give as much notice as possible when booking a private flight. This will give you more availability which means better value and lower-priced aircraft. However, 75% of privately chartered flights are booked within two weeks of departure, which . It can mean clients only have a handful of options.

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What are the disadvantages of an empty leg?

The main problem with empty legs is that they offer no flexibility. An empty leg is a particular aircraft flying at a specific time and date. If that doesn’t suit your needs, you can’t use it. Other disadvantages are restrictive departure times, price, stability, and cancellation terms.

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What is a carbon-neutral flight?

Every aircraft burns jet fuel and emits a certain amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This can be offset via one of several carbon offset programs that allow private jet clients to purchase a certain number of carbon credits to offset the emissions from their flight. A carbon-neutral flight is one that offsets the carbon emissions it uses via a formal process.

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How do I fly from Hawaii to LA or Vancouver?

You must use a super midsize jet (or larger) to travel from Hawaii to Los Angeles or Vancouver, because you’ll require a non-stop flight as there is nowhere to stop in between. So, your aircraft must have a range exceeding five hours.

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When is it necessary to hire an air ambulance?

For the safety of others on the flight, you’ll need to walk up and down the stairs under your own strength to travel for medical reasons on a regular private jet. If you’re able to maneuver on a wheelchair, you can fly as long as there is an Ambulift available and the private jet is wheelchair accessible. If you’re unable to walk or use a wheelchair, but need to fly, you’ll need an air ambulance.

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Does it cost more to bring more passengers on our private jet charter flight?

Not as much as you may think. As you would expect, larger private jets able to carry more people will generally cost more to charter per hour than smaller aircraft with fewer available seats – but beyond that, the only additional charge per passenger is a standard fee, the amount of which is dependent on the nature of your trip.

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Is it ok for unaccompanied minors to fly onboard chartered private jets?

Generally yes, as long as they are above a certain age (usually 12-13, but as young as 7 for some operators.) Minors under the age of 16 traveling alone require that a legal guardian complete a Chain of Custody form listing the approved contact at their destination, and this person will need to present identification to the designated flight crew member before the operator releases the minor into their custody.

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When are fuel surcharges applicable for a private jet charter?

Fuel surcharges are applicable when there’s a spike in jet fuel rates. These additional charges did not exist until Hurricane Katrina, which caused damage to several oil refineries and helped spike fuel prices to $7.50 per gallon; most business models were designed with the fuel cost at $3.00-$3.50 per gallon.

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What are international fees?

The international fee is a combination of handling costs, customs charges and other expenses that must be paid when flying into certain countries. For example, when you fly from the United States to a Caribbean island, you’ll pay around $1,700. Or if you fly to Mexico it’ll be about $2,500. The international fee can cost as much as $10,000 when flying from the US to parts of Asia.

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What are private jet crew overnight costs?

When you keep an aircraft overnight, you’ll need to pay crew overnight costs. The price will vary depending on whether you fly within the United States or beyond. When flying with a European operator within Europe, there’s no additional charge for crew overnights, as they’re built into the hourly rate of the aircraft.

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How long does a fuel stop for a private jet flight take?

The average fuel stop takes 45–60 minutes. To speed up fuel stops, the operator or pilots may call ahead so a fuel truck is waiting for the aircraft on arrival. For smaller jets, a fuel stop can take as little as 30 minutes.

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Can I have a flexible departure time for my private jet flight?

Yes, it is possible to have a flexible departure when flying privately. Operators typically offer a two-hour window, but you can request a longer window as long as it doesn’t interfere with the maximum crew duty day or their next scheduled flight.

Learn more about flexible departure times

How soon can I have a private jet ready from the time I call in the request?

If you’re using a fractional model or fixed-rate hourly jet cards, you’ll need to provide 10-12 hours’ notice for a private jet request. But at Paramount Business Jets, we pride ourselves on achieving a 4-hour turnaround for on-demand charter and ad hoc clients.

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Can I fly with large sums of cash?

Yes, you can. This is a common occurrence for many private jet clients. You can fly with up to $5 million in cash as long as you declare that cash when coming through customs. For domestic trips, there’s no limit and no need to declare it.

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What is cabotage?

Cabotage is the right to operate aircraft within a particular territory. No foreign operator may operate a domestic trip in another country; for example, an aircraft with a U.S. (N-registered) tail number cannot fly from Puerto Vallarta to Cancun. However, that same aircraft could enter Mexico to pick up their passengers, as long as they then fly to another country.

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Are there any blackout dates for flying privately?

There will be certain days which are blacked out on the calendar if you use a fixed rate jet card program. You can still fly on these days, but not at the fixed rate; you’ll be charged extra. However, when you fly via private charter, there are no limits – you can fly at any time of the year.

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Do private jet operator insurances cover precious metal and gems?

The operator's insurance does not cover precious metals and gems. Many clients who wish to book a return flight into a country to collect gold ask this question; the insurance covers aircraft and passengers but not precious metals or gems. This requires separate insurance.

Learn more about insuring precious gems and metals

Why should I hire a plane with Paramount Business Jets?

At PBJ we provide personalized service to every client. Our mission is to help educate our clients on private aviation, and we’ll guide you through the process from start to finish every time you book a private jet through us. No question is too big or too small; we want to help you understand how booking a private aircraft works. We’ll explain the best way to do it, so that you make well-informed decisions.

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What are evacuation flights?

An evacuation flight is an emergency flight planned when an area is about to be hit by a natural disaster, such as a major storm or earthquake. Any flight from an area which is about to, or has just undergone, a natural disaster is considered an evacuation flight.

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Which private jets come with flight attendants?

In the United States, large jets and above are required to have flight attendants onboard; in Europe, flight attendants are used on midsize jets and above. Flight attendants require their own seat. Larger jets and above have a jump seat near the cockpit for the flight attendant to use, meaning the attendant generally stays out of the cabin.

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What kind of inflight catering is available on a private jet?

Other than the standard snacks and drinks, you can order local cuisine options for your catering on board. In short, anything that doesn’t need to be cooked can be ordered; hot food must be precooked then warmed on board.

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Should my private jet company provide ground transportation as well?

Private jet companies should offer to arrange ground transportation, as the client’s flying experience starts from the time they leave their home or office to go to the airport. When they land, their journey continues until they reach their final destination, whether it be their home or a hotel. The whole trip from door to door is supposed to be a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

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Can I bring my oxygen tank on board the aircraft?

Oxygen tanks can only be brought on board an aircraft with a particular type of certification. Your broker can discuss this with the operator then relay the information to you. In some cases, you may need to purchase a different tank to bring on board.

Learn more about oxygen tanks on private jets

How much rest does the crew need before they can depart again?

Crew members are required to have a 10-hour rest period within each 24-hour cycle. The maximum duty day is 14 hours and must be followed by a 10-hour rest period at their hotel. When scheduling a flight, operators usually account for 12 hours of rest instead of 10. This extra two hours allows the crew time to get to their hotel, rest for the required time, and return to the airport.

Learn more about crew duty time

What type of in-flight services are available?

When you fly private with Paramount Business Jets you can enjoy a wide range of exciting in-flight services such as: custom catering and drinks (including alcohol), flat screen TVs, access to 10,000+ films and series, newspapers & magazines, massage therapists on demand, and various entertainment options via Wi-Fi.

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How do you organize a private jet for an organ transplant?

Private jets for organ transplants can be organized on very short notice. This is necessary when people pass away suddenly, and their organs are needed urgently. Many organs need to be transported within 6-10 hours.

Learn more about using private jets for organ transplants

Do private jets accommodate passengers that are overweight?

Paramount Business Jets can arrange for all of our customers to fly in comfort, including larger passengers who may be overweight. Captain’s chairs are often the ideal solution, as they’re bigger and more comfortable, but there are also other options like a multi-seat couch. Just make sure you ask your broker for a seatbelt extender.

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Can I bring pets with me on private jet flights?

Of course! Just let us know in advance. the majority of the operators and aircraft owners allow pets onboard. In some cases a small cleaning fee may apply. That said, there are specific requirements that must be met when traveling with your pet, including making sure that all documentation and vaccination records for your pet(s) are correct and up to date. Dogs and cats must also be at least eight weeks old and weaned when traveling within the U.S.

Learn more about travelling with your pets on private jet flights

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