What is a charter flight?

In the simplest possible terms, a charter flight is one that is not part of the scheduled agenda provided by airlines. When you charter a flight, you are renting an aircraft for your own use and on your schedule. Once that aircraft is under your temporary control, you determine all the details. You decide flight times and destinations. You choose who comes with you on your flight. In short, a chartered flight can be said to be truly yours.

This, of course, stands in great contrast to commercial flights, where you purchase a seat on an existing flight with its own itinerary and destination. In those cases, you don’t get to decide who sits near you and are essentially at the mercy of somebody else’s regulations and preferences.

But why settle for being a passenger when you can chart your own path across the skies? If that sense of adventure is in your blood, then taking charter flights is the only way you’ll want to travel by air in the future.

Types of Charter Flights

You have options when it comes to charter flights, depending on why you need the plane. Here are a few major types of flight charters.

  • Private Jet Charter

    Paramount Business Jets specializes in private jet charters. It means you’re renting the entire aircraft instead of just a seat on a commercial plane.

  • Public Charter

    Usually operated by tour operators who rent aircraft and are offered on a seasonal basis to popular destinations.

  • Cargo

    Used to transport goods and luggage only.

  • Affinity

    An affinity charter is similar to a private jet charter, but passengers pay for individual seats on an aircraft they share with strangers.

How does a charter flight work?

You’ll be able to choose an aircraft that best suits your needs. This could be anything from a very light jet that carries only a couple of passengers to a large or ultra-long-range jet that can travel great distances and has multiple cabins. You also choose where you travel, unlike on commercial flights that take you only to set destinations. If you’re unsure of what type of aircraft would be best for you, you can work with a broker to find the right one.

You’ll typically depart from a fixed base operator (FBO). This is a small terminal, usually located next to the main airport, which allows you to pass through security checks more quickly. In some cases, you’ll be able to drive right up to the plane, and there will be staff waiting to help with your bags. For most places passengers are looking to travel, there are airports available for the use of charter flights.

What are the Benefits of a Chartered Plane?

Airports are known for being chaotic, even during their least popular hours, and the stress doesn’t stop once you board a commercial flight. In general, many people don’t have pleasant experiences when flying commercially. Still, you might be wondering how a chartered plane can help make traveling something to look forward to.

Increased Privacy

Commercial flights tend to be cramped, which can be especially uncomfortable during longer flights. Your flight in a private jet will give you more space, even if you’re with the maximum number of passengers. This way, you can feel relaxed enough to sleep, read, or work on the plane without distractions.

Skip the Airport

For most charter flights, you can fly without dealing with a crowded airport. There will be far fewer passengers in the FBO than at the main airport. This will also save you from having to deal with the baggage aspect of flying commercial. The two experiences are at opposite ends of the scale in terms of speed and luxury.

More In-Flight Amenities

Passengers on charter flights also do not have to settle for meals and amenities found on commercial flights. You’ll be able to customize meals, use Wi-Fi, hook up your smartphone and gadgets, and even enjoy movies and television programs on big-screen TVs. The service and amenities available to you on a charter flight will make the journey much more enjoyable.

Set Your Own Schedule

When you fly on a commercial flight, you have to choose from the flight times the carriers give you. Depending on available times, this could be a huge inconvenience for your trip, whether it be a personal or business trip. With a charter flight, you can decide the best time for you to fly.

Simply put, chartering a flight is a superior experience. A chartered plane offers you all the comforts of home, plus a significant amount of luxury. It is the way you deserve to fly. Let Paramount Business Jets accommodate your private flight and get you where you’re going on your terms.

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