How soon can I have a private jet ready from the time I call in the request?

If you’re using a fractional model or fixed-rate hourly jet cards, you’ll need to provide 10-12 hours’ notice for a private jet request. But at Paramount Business Jets, we pride ourselves on achieving a 4-hour turnaround for on-demand charter and ad hoc clients.

In order to achieve this, we’ll need an aircraft already positioned at the airport; extra time may be required if the plane needs to be repositioned. Research, inquiries, and price quotes take approximately one hour to compile from the first point of contact. Pilots also have a two-hour call-out, so once you decide on your aircraft, you’ll be ready for takeoff in two hours or less.

Pilots will always conduct a preflight inspection and ensure there’s enough fuel for the journey. If possible, the operator will fuel the aircraft in advance to save time.

The process is even easier if you’re a PBJ Jet Card member. You’ll already have funds deposited in your account, which will speed things up; simply confirm your contract via email, and we can secure the plane instantly. We won’t have to wait to process the payment, so we can call the pilots out immediately.

If the aircraft and crew are ready, we can even have our Jet Card members wheels-up in as little as three hours. We’ve even arranged flights in under an hour in some cases, but in normal circumstances, a 12-hour notice or more is ideal.

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