What are the disadvantages of on-demand private jet charter model?

The biggest challenge in private jet charter is to find a reputable broker. A good broker will be honest with you, consider your safety, and have your best interests in mind. This means providing excellent service that includes a backup option available for your flight.

However, many brokers lack aviation experience. They may recommend aircraft that don’t suit the trip. That’s why we only hire highly qualified experts at PBJ – 70% of our staff are pilots themselves – and every trip passes a rigorous safety check and has a backup option.

We also have the lowest fixed-rate management fees or commissions with on-demand invoicing to ensure complete transparency.

Are there disadvantages to the on-demand private jet charter model for some clients?

Chartering allows you more control over the type of aircraft you want to fly, which is a big plus for many clients. This also helps to fine-tune a price that suits them. If aircraft type or price are less important to you, a fractional model may better suit your needs. This means you pay more, but do not take part in the decision-making process.

Using a charter broker could also lead to a bad experience if they pick a poor operator. For example, some may impose stricter cancellation policies with no refund available. Make sure your broker selects the best operator for your needs.

Does the quality of the aircraft vary with a charter model?

This is up to the client. If the client doesn’t mind if the selected aircraft is of the best quality available or if it best suits their specific needs, they will be shown cheaper models to lower the price. However, if they do have specific needs, they can be met. You can be as specific as you like; for example, you might request a super-midsize jet with a flat bed, manufactured in 2010 or later and that has been refurbished within the last three years.

Different owners will have different standards. When refurbishing, some may only replace the basics, such as carpeting, while others may include new seats, wood cabinets and trim, and leather walls. For newer models, there is less variation.

Is private jet charter inherently flawed?

A charter is only inherently flawed when you have a broker who is not performing their job correctly. One of the most frequent examples is when the broker fails to provide a backup option when a mechanical issue arises; they’ll then need to locate an alternate plane and arrange for a two-hour call-out, which can mean big delays for their clients. At PBJ, we always have a backup prepared, making our service just as reliable as NetJets in this regard.

What are some advantages of the on-demand private jet charter model?

You have more aircraft to choose from. You can pick a size that suits your party and negotiate the best price. For example, you may be able to fly on an empty leg at a low price, access floating fleets, enjoy third-party safety audits, and use multiple aircraft at the same time.

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