How do you organize a private jet for an organ transplant?

Private jets for organ transplants can be organized on very short notice. This is necessary when people pass away suddenly and their organs are needed urgently. Many organs need to be transported within 6-10 hours.

When this happens, organs are harvested and transported directly from the hospital to the airport. They are packed in specialized containers able to maintain specific temperatures that preserve the quality of the organs.

Organs can be flown with or without a passenger onboard. Once they arrive, the party receiving them can take them to the hospital.

Can the organ recipient be flown to the hospital for a transplant instead?

It’s often easier and more practical to fly the organ recipient to the hospital, and this is a scenario where being a Jet Card Member speeds up the process. If you have funds in your account, we can get you off the ground in as little as three hours. Our record time is 30 minutes from the time we received the call to the time we had our client wheels up. Considering how quickly organs need to be transplanted, this can make a huge difference.

To become a Jet Card Member at Paramount Business Jets requires a minimum deposit of $100,000 (or local currency). There’s no cancellation fee, so you can get a full refund if you don't fly anywhere.

If a flight is estimated to cost $19,000, is it possible to prepay $20,000 to avoid the need for a full Jet Card Membership?

Even if you don’t have a Jet Card Membership, you can prepay slightly over the estimated cost. This can save time, as we’ll be able to arrange your flight within three hours, should you need a transplant. Remember, any unused funds are fully refundable.

For ad hoc clients paying via credit card, a minimum of four hours is needed to arrange a jet.

Has PBJ helped with organ transplant flights before?

Organ transplant flights are rare, but at PBJ we’ve flown samples of blood, organs, and even water. Private jets can assist in all kinds of medical scenarios.

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