What are international fees?

The international fee is a combination of handling costs, customs charges, and other expenses that must be paid when flying into certain countries. For example, when you fly from the United States to a Caribbean island, you’ll pay around $1,700. If flying to Mexico, it’ll be about $2,500. The international fee can cost as much as $10,000 when flying from the US to parts of Asia.

If you’re flying within the US, you’ll pay a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) instead of international fees.

Are International fees always applicable? Do the prices change based on events or time of the year?

Private jet international fees are largely stable year-round. International fees are passed on directly from the arriving country to the broker or client, so operators tend to charge a uniform price. There’s no way to avoid paying them.

Do the international fees vary based on aircraft size?

International fees vary based on aircraft size. In many countries, fees are based on the weight of the aircraft. This won’t affect the handling costs of customs charges, which are billed on a per-passenger basis.

There may also be additional taxes or security fees. For example, in Canada, you’ll pay around $1,000 as a security fee. This is the case for light jets and large jets alike, and it is included as part of the international fee.

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