What are evacuation flights?

An evacuation flight is an emergency flight planned when an area is about to be hit by a natural disaster, such as a major storm or earthquake. Any flight from an area that is about to, or has just undergone, a natural disaster is considered an evacuation flight.

  • Storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Tsunamis
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcano eruptions

Airports are often closed immediately following one of these events; non-governmental relief organizations (NGOs) can enter, but standard private jet charters can’t. These airports reopen once emergency supplies have arrived and a relief effort is underway. At this stage, many more people will look to evacuate – and that’s when we can help.

Sadly, some brokers look to take advantage of these situations, but at PBJ we refuse to increase prices due to natural disasters. We want to help people in need, not exploit them. Instead, we like to do all we can to offer our same high-quality service in a fair and responsible way.

From people to pets, we do our best to help all those in need of evacuation in times of emergency.

What are some examples of PBJ helping out in a natural disaster?

PBJ was mentioned in the New York Times in 2011 for our efforts in helping save a couple – including a pregnant woman – following an earthquake. News broke that the area was also at risk of contamination by radiation.

With airports closing, we had to act quickly. We managed to find them an aircraft that could get them out of the dangerous area for $75,000; as quoted in the Times, other companies were charging $125,000. The mission was a success, and the couple escaped unharmed.

Another example is when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, we made around 17 evacuation flights out of the region within a matter of days. We also helped arrange many flights for NGOs, as well as transported rescue dogs left behind in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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