How many golf bags can I fit on board an aircraft?

In order to calculate how many golf bags you can carry on an aircraft, you need to consider two things:

  • The size of the aircraft
  • Hard vs soft golf bags

Hard cases take up a lot of space, so you won’t fit many on board. Soft cases are packed more tightly, so you can carry more of them. Many clients use a temporary case which takes up little space, then rent a bag when they arrive at their destination.

Let’s say you’re flying for a golfing weekend with six people in total. That means six seats, six sets of clubs, and six overnight bags. This would require a midsize jet, which normally holds eight people and eight pieces of luggage.

If you want the maximum luggage capacity for a midsize jet you can try the Citation III, VI, or VII. They all have the same fuselage (in fact, with the Citation VI and VII, you could potentially fit eight adult flyers, eight sets of clubs and eight overnight bags.)

Your broker should be able to tell you how many golf bags you can bring based on your aircraft. Make sure you mention whether they’re in hard or soft bags, and how much additional luggage you’ll be bringing. This will let them find the right aircraft for you.

If I have only one set of golf clubs, can they fit it on a light jet?

Yes, one set of golf clubs in a soft case should fit in a light jet. But certain hard cases may prove challenging as they can be long and bulky.

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