Can I get a tour of my aircraft before I book the flight?

Yes, you can often take a tour of the aircraft before you book it. You can see what it looks like, step onboard and even meet the crew. This helps develop a relationship between the operator and the client and builds the foundation for a strong future relationship, especially if the client lives locally. Your broker can arrange this meeting for you.

What are clients looking for when they request a tour of an aircraft?

There are many reasons a client may want to tour a jet. For example, they may have never flown privately before, and a tour helps settle their nerves and assure them that the jet suits their needs. They can get a feel for it, check that it’s big enough, and feel more comfortable on their chartered flight.

Another reason a client may want a tour of the aircraft is that they’ve never used that model before. Paramount Business Jets always sends images of the aircraft to our clients, including dimensions, but we always try to accommodate the client if they want to see the aircraft in person.

A passenger with special requirements may also want to inspect the aircraft ahead of flying. For example, if they are flying with a disabled passenger or somebody who is uncomfortable in smaller seats, this gives clients a chance to look at seat belt extenders, aisle width, and more.

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