Do private jet operator insurances cover precious metal and gems?

The operator's insurance does not cover precious metals and gems. Many clients who wish to book a return flight into a country to collect gold ask this question; the insurance covers aircraft and passengers, but not precious metals or gems. This requires separate insurance.

I want to fly with precious metals and gems. Can I bring my own security team?

Anyone who has valuables on board an aircraft can bring their own security team. On domestic flights within the United States, you can even bring armed security personnel; during Hurricane Katrina, one PBJ client did this when transporting expensive goods from their jewelry store to safety. However, you cannot land internationally with armed security onboard; you’d need an armed team waiting for your arrival.

If you do require armed security for a domestic US flight, you’ll have to follow this process:

  • Weapons are placed in a locked box
  • Ammunition is placed in a separate locked box
  • The pilots are trusted with the keys

This makes things safer, as there are extra steps needed to make a weapon active. At the end of the flight, the pilots return the keys.

Is there a limit as to how much precious metal and gold someone can bring on board?

There is a limit in terms of weight. For precious metals, the restriction is the payload allowed for the aircraft. The weight of the metals takes up a great deal of the payload of the aircraft. It's also very dense weight.

Metals are boxed, weighed, and distributed throughout the aircraft to create a balance. They’re then locked down prior to departure.

However, there is no limit to the dollar value of any precious metals and gems on board. As long as the client has the necessary documentation required by any country they’re flying to or from, everything should be fine.

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