What are private jet crew overnight costs?

When you keep an aircraft overnight, you’ll need to pay the crew overnight costs. The price will vary depending on whether you fly within the United States or beyond.

Here are the typical prices you can expect to pay:

Type of jetCrew overnight costs within the US (per night)Crew overnight costs flying to Canada from US (per night)Crew overnight costs flying to the Caribbean, Central America or South America from US (per night)Crew overnight costs flying to all other international destinations from US (per night)
Very light$500$600$750-
Super light$500$600$750-
Super midsize$750$900$1,125-
Ultra long range$1,500$1,800$2,250$2,500

When flying with a European operator within Europe, there’s no additional charge for crew overnights, as they’re built into the hourly rate of the aircraft.

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