Should my private jet company provide ground transportation as well?

Private jet companies should offer to arrange ground transportation, as the client's flying experience starts from the time they leave their home or office to go to the airport. When they land, their journey continues until they reach their final destination, whether it be their home or a hotel. The whole trip from door to door is supposed to be a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

When a broker arranges car transport and the client is running late, all they have to do is inform their broker. The broker will then call the car company and aircraft operator to inform them of the delay, and also make arrangements for the car company at the client's destination to pick them up at a later time. Having the broker take care of these, saves clients a lot of time, and they can focus entirely on their work, making the entire process seamless for them. If clients arrive earlier than expected, their broker can call ahead to the car company at their destination, so they are there when they land.

Is it possible to order any kind of car through the broker?

Brokers can definitely order any ground transportation on clients' behalf, but they can only order what's available in the area; the more remote the location, the less access there is to the higher-end cars. A black full-size SUV like a Suburban or an Escalade is pretty standard. If clients want a high-end exotic rental like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, they would most likely have to secure that directly.

Brokers are generally experts in terms of chauffeured cars and can make that a seamless experience. If clients want a Hertz rental car, brokers can set it up with the client's membership number. When the client shows up, they will have to show their ID and sign for the actual vehicle using their credit card.

Can brokers provide access to high-end rentals?

They can, but it's generally not their forte, and it’s not a common request in the industry.

What instructions are given to the ground transport company?

Absolutely everything from where the clients are going to be picked up, what time, how many passengers, and where they should drop them off. If the airport provides ramp access, it will be arranged by the broker through the FBO.

When they land, if ramp access is allowed, the car service will be waiting next to the plane. As soon as the passenger steps down the stairs of the aircraft, they can get in the car and be on their way to their final destination.

If ramp access is not available, then they will be escorted to the FBO upon landing. When they get into the FBO, the driver of the car service will be waiting in the lounge to meet and greet the clients, help them with their bags, and escort them to the car.

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