Which private jets have flat floor cabins?

A flat floor refers to an aircraft where the entire cabin’s floor configuration is at one level. This includes the seats, which gives the feeling of extra legroom. The alternative is a lower center aisle or dropped aisle. Here, the center aisle is slightly lower than the seats, which sit on a platform.

If you travel with pets, a flat floor cabin is preferable as three large dogs could lie down on a flat floor cabin; without it, they’ll be much more cramped and uncomfortable.

All large and ultra-long-range jets have flat floor cabins. Most super midsize jets or larger aircraft also have flat floor cabins, including:

However, the Citation X, Citation Sovereign, Gulfstream G200 and Gulfstream G280 have a low center aisle.

Only a limited number of smaller jets have flat floor cabins. In the light jet category, this includes the Beechjet 400A, Beechjet 400 and Nextant 400XT. All three of them use the same fuselage and layout that provides a flat floor cabin on a light jet.

Why do smaller private jets have low center aisles or dropped aisles?

A low center aisle is a design compromise on smaller aircraft that gives you more headroom when walking through the cabin. For a midsize jet, the height is around 5’8” or 5’9”. But, because the seat is on a raised platform, you’ll have less room when seated and your head will be closer to the ceiling.

Flat floor cabins are sometimes called ‘stand-up’ cabins. This is because you can walk around freely without the need for the center aisle to be lowered. It’s helpful when moving between the aisle and your seat, as you don’t need to duck or adjust your height. Moreover, larger super midsize jets, large jets, and ultra-long-range jets all have flat floor cabins and are considered stand-up cabins.

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