Do private jets come with Wi-Fi?

Many private jets do have Wi-Fi. Increasingly, more and more operators offer it for free.

At Paramount Business Jets we categorize aircraft in two ways:

  • No Wi-Fi. This means Wi-Fi is not available
  • Wi-Fi capable. This means the aircraft offers Wi-Fi, either for free or at a charge
  • Free Wi-Fi is common on US domestic flights. But when flying internationally, you’ll be charged on a different type of Wi-Fi which is charged by the megabyte. It can become costly; Wi-Fi usage on a flight from Europe to the United States could cost from $300 - $6,000.

How much does Wi-Fi cost on a private jet?

This varies based on operator and region, ranging from $3.00 – $8.50 USD per megabyte. Opening up social media sites which are rich in images and videos could quickly cost you $20. Downloading a feature-length movie could cost thousands.

If Wi-Fi is an important part of your flight experience, make sure you understand how much it will cost before booking your flight. Your broker should be able to explain this to you.

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