When should I hire a Boeing Business Jet?

Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) have unique amenities that extend far beyond sheer size and are often equipped with 1-2 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms (one more of those bathrooms may even offer stand-up showers.)

These airliner-based executive aircraft also feature tall or 'stand-up' cabins that are also longer and wider than more typical corporate aircraft. You’ll enjoy a dining area for about six to eight people, and different cabin sections may feature separate lounges.

With so many amenities, these larger aircraft can feel more like a flying house than it does an aircraft. The galleys are also much bigger, and they can accommodate a better catering experience on board.

Amenities are a big reason for choosing a BBJ. But another key reason could be the amount of luggage.

Paramount Business Jets arranges many flights out of the Middle East. This includes flights for Saudi royalty, where upwards of 60 pieces of luggage is common. Only large, airliner-size aircraft can accommodate that amount of luggage.

The drawback to BBJs is that they don't have as extensive a range as jets such as a Global 6000, Gulfstream G650, or Falcon 7X. This means longer flights may require a fuel stop on a BBJ; however, your flight will be much more comfortable, in an environment similar to your home.

What type of people usually charter a BBJ?

There are two primary types of clients who use BBJs: celebrities, and wealthy customers in the Middle East. BBJs are the biggest aircraft money can buy, which means many see them as a status symbol. Plus, they provide the ultimate luxury while flying. If you want a home away from home and VIP treatment on long-distance trips, a BBJ is your aircraft.

Are BBJs used more locally or internationally?

BBJs are rare in many countries. For example, there are only two BBJs available for charter in the United States, and approximately 4-5 in Europe. Most BBJs are found in the Middle East, flying to Europe, Asia, the USA, and South America.

Do ultra-long-range aircraft have a longer range than BBJs?

Ultra-long-range jets can fly longer distances without refueling than BBJs. A BBJ may need a fuel stop after seven hours of flight time, but ultra-long-range aircraft can fly for 12-13 hours, provided they have the required supplemental crew members on board.

What is the passenger capacity of a BBJ?

BBJs are based off Boeing's 737 commercial airliner. They typically carry 135-170 passengers in airline configuration, but as BBJs they are configured with a luxury VIP or executive configuration, in which the passenger capacity ranges from 16 to 25.

A handful of Airbus aircraft are also available with executive and VIP configurations with similar seating configurations. Based on the A320 family of airliners, these aircraft are known as Airbus Corporate Jets or ACJs.

Do clients who charter, hire or rent BBJs have different requests to light jet clients?

BBJ clients often have different requirements from those hiring light jets because the jet is used for longer trips. Comfort is a higher priority for these clients, and they prefer to have a full bedroom for a proper sleep as opposed to a reclining seat typically found in a light jet.

Some BBJ owners will not accept requests for shorter trips. They look for 5-6 hours minimum per leg when using their aircraft for charter.

How many flight attendants are usually on a BBJ?

There are usually 2-3 flight attendants on board a BBJ, often serving different areas of the cabin throughout the aircraft.

Since the BBJ is actually an airliner converted into a private jet, does it require a 10,000 ft runway? Does it need to land at an international airport, or can they use smaller airports?

BBJs require larger airports, and they cannot land on runways smaller than 8,000 ft. in length.

Are the catering orders on a BBJ more extensive, or is it pretty much the same as the other private flights?

Catering on board a BBJ depends on the requests of the client. For example, Middle Eastern customers may want three entrée choices per passenger instead of only one, or family-style dishes relating to their culture.

Paramount Business Jets is able to meet any group’s culinary expectations, including considerations for food allergies and religious beliefs.

Considering that there are not that many BBJs available for charter, does it make sense to use a broker?

You should absolutely use a broker if you want to hire a BBJ, because it’s very unlikely there will be one at your local airport.

Experienced brokers are able to check for all available BBJs and ACJs via operators’ networks. The broker will know where to find the aircraft, and how charter-friendly the owner is. Each aircraft is individually owned, so the trips are dependent on owner approval.

Brokers can also secure the best price, considering variables such as:

Since there aren't many BBJs for backup, what happens if there is a mechanical issue?

If you book your BBJ through an experienced broker and there’s an issue, they should have a backup plan at the ready. However, pricing is specific to each aircraft and since the original aircraft was likely repositioned to pick you up, the backup will most likely need to be repositioned as well. For example, you may be flying out of Vienna, when your BBJ has a mechanical, requiring a replacement to be brought in from Geneva.

Should I hire a BBJ or another type of private jet?

There are many scenarios in which a BBJ is the perfect choice. Here are a few of them:

  • You have more luggage than you could fit safely on an ultra long range aircraft
  • You want amenities like a stand-up shower, multiple bedrooms, and a dedicated dining area
  • You want the feel of a home, not just an aircraft with reclining seat
  • You're seeking extreme luxury and money isn't an issue

Would you say that a BBJ is the top of the line private jet available for hire?

BBJs are among the most expensive private jets in the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re always the most suitable. For example, if you’re in a hurry, and you need to fly four passengers on a 12-hour trip, a Gulfstream G650 is a better choice as it still provides a relatively large cabin and the ability to travel nonstop.

By contrast, if you're flying with 16 passengers, then a BBJ may be a better choice as that many passengers on a G650 could feel cramped. The main drawback on a BBJ is that they may require a fuel stop on longer flights.

Do all BBJs have Wi-Fi?

Each BBJ is configured differently for Wi-Fi, so it depends on whether the owner has opted to have it installed and which provider they’ve selected.

Many BBJs offer free Wi-Fi for domestic trips, but international Wi-Fi costs can rack up quickly. With some networks, using international Wi-Fi for just 45 minutes could easily cost $3,000 – $4,000.

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