When should private jets be refurbished?

Private jets should be refurbished every six years on average. For the best flying experience, you’ll want one that’s been refurbished in the last two years. Even if an owner takes very good care of their jet, it will still suffer general wear and tear over the years, from worn-down carpeting down the center aisle to chafing of the leather seats from constant contact with people and luggage.

At Paramount Business Jets, we always try to find aircraft with newer interiors, or one that’s no older than six years.

Is there a fixed number of years after which private jets have to undergo refurbishment?

Jets should be refurbished at least every six to eight years. PBJ jets have typically been refurbished within the last six years. After this, even the most well-maintained jet still loses a certain je ne sais quoi; a quality that cannot be described or named easily.

A refurbished aircraft will feel brand new to passengers. It’s a chance for the owner to refresh the carpets, spruce up the leather and so on, plus it’ll have that new plane smell. So, you may have a better experience on an older model that has recently been refurbished, versus a newer model that hasn’t.

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