How do I fly from Hawaii to LA or Vancouver?

You must use a super-midsize jet (or larger) to travel from Hawaii to Los Angeles or Vancouver, because you’ll require a non-stop flight as there is nowhere to stop in between. So, your aircraft must have a range of more than five hours.

Super-midsize jets usually have a range of six hours or more. This is ideal for a trip like Hawaii to LA, which is around five hours. For example, you could fly on a Citation X. It’s fast and has eight comfortable captain's chairs.

But it’s a long flight, so you might prefer a flat-floor cabin. For this, you could choose an aircraft like a Challenger 300, Challenger 350, or Falcon 2000. It’s easier to move around the cabin, so you’ll feel less claustrophobic. Or you could opt for a large jet with a flight attendant and a closed cabin to sleep in.

Bear in mind that super-midsize jets are the more cost-effective option.

Is Federal Excise Tax (FET) applicable on flights to or from Hawaii?

When you charter a flight to or from Hawaii, you will have to pay Federal Excise Tax (FET), but it’s not expensive. FET ends about five miles off the coastline on either side; in between is considered international waters, and there is no tax applicable.

If you’re flying from Hawaii to an international destination, you won’t have to pay FET. For example, on a flight from Hawaii to Edmonton in Canada, there’s no FET.

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