Do private jets accommodate passengers that are overweight?

Paramount Business Jets can arrange for all of our customers to fly in comfort, including larger passengers who may be overweight. Captain’s chairs are often the ideal solution, as they’re bigger and more comfortable, but there are also options like a multi-seat couch. Just make sure you ask your broker for a seatbelt extender. They can make a note of this for all future trips, too.

Are any special arrangements needed other than a seatbelt extender?

If you’re a larger passenger, as long as you can make your way up the stairs and reach your seat, all you’ll need is a seatbelt extender.

However, you’ll want to consider your height as well, as smaller jets may be a little uncomfortable in terms of headroom. You can discuss these options with your broker.

Are captain’s chairs on midsize or large jets bigger than those on light jets?

Captain’s chairs on midsize and large jets might be bigger than captain’s chairs on light jets. For example, a Gulfstream G650 has larger seats than a light jet.

But this isn’t always the case, and configuration plays a significant role. Owners will use different types of seats and tinker with aircraft to suit their needs. So, it’s not a certainty that a light jet will have smaller seats.

What’s the smallest aircraft with a couch?

Some light jets might have a two-seat couch, but if you want a full three-seat couch, you’ll need a midsize jet or larger. Your broker can explain which models have a three-seat couch, such as Challengers.

How do larger passengers use the bathroom on a private jet?

The size of the aircraft dictates how easy or difficult it will be for larger passengers to use the bathroom. If you’re a large male who’s comfortable standing, you’ll find it relatively easy to use a lavatory in a full stand-up cabin. In light jets, you’ll need to sit, which can be tricky.

This applies to large athletes, too. At Paramount Business Jets, we sometimes arrange flights for tall, broad athletes such as NFL players. Normally, we’d recommend at least a midsize jet as the limited headroom available on a light jet could make them feel claustrophobic, especially with other people on board. A midsize jet usually has an approximately six-foot-tall cabin, depending on the aircraft model. This provides extra stretching room for a more comfortable flight.

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