Can I charter a brand-new aircraft?

There are many relatively new aircraft available for charter. For example, we may be able to help you charter an aircraft which is only one-year-old. However, most brand-new aircraft are purchased by owners and then placed into charter at a later date.

In order to charter a brand-new aircraft, you’ll need a bit of luck. The owner will have to purchase the aircraft and immediately put it into charter, which is a rather uncommon scenario. Instead, they usually wait 1-3 years before offsetting their costs via charter.

Although there may be a handful of new aircraft available for charter, the odds are slim. You’re more likely to find one that is a couple of years old. If you want an aircraft that is less than three years old, you’ll enjoy even more choice. The more time that passes after a model is released, the more of those aircraft will usually be available to charter.

When it comes to aircraft, ‘new’ can be an ambiguous term. There are many aircraft available which are five years or younger. Most of the aircraft offered by NetJets fall into this category yet are considered ‘new’ by many.

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