When is it necessary to hire an air ambulance?

For the safety of others on the flight, you’ll need to walk up and down the stairs under your own strength to travel for medical reasons on a regular private jet. If you're able to maneuver in a wheelchair, you can fly as long as there is an Ambulift available, and the private jet is wheelchair accessible.

If you’re unable to walk or use a wheelchair but need to fly, you’ll need an air ambulance. In particular, an air ambulance is necessary when:

  • The patient is unable to walk up the stairs and get into their seat
  • The patient is unable to operate a wheelchair
  • The patient has a medical condition that requires a doctor, nurse, or specific medical equipment to be on hand

Air ambulances have all the medical equipment necessary to monitor and treat emergencies. Even if you’re able to walk, you might still require one; for example, if you need to fly after eye surgery, you’ll need a cabin pressurized to sea level or else you could cause severe damage to the affected eye. This may not be possible in any aircraft but a dedicated air ambulance.

Your doctor will determine whether you’re fit to fly, and they can tell you if you’ll need assistance. If the situation is serious, you’ll need an air ambulance.

Here are some typical users of air ambulances:

  • Victims of injuries, e.g., car crashes, head injuries, skiing incidents
  • Transplant patients
  • The elderly
  • Natural disaster victims
  • Medical tourists
  • Cancer patients
  • People on life support

Do air ambulances come in different sizes?

Air ambulances come in different sizes, but most are light or midsize jets. This varies between regions. But there are also large jets that are air ambulances, used for long-distance international flights.

What are the advantages of using a broker to find your air ambulance?

There are a handful of brokers operating in the air ambulance sector in the United States, and they offer many advantages. For example, they know:

  • Where air ambulances are located
  • How to work with doctors and hospitals to obtain proper releases
  • What medical equipment is required
  • How to source the best price
  • How to provide the best service

You wouldn't want to call a Part 135 operator that flies private jets. They may not have the expertise needed.

Is it cheaper to book an air ambulance through a broker?

Brokers are experts at negotiating the best price for an aircraft, and that includes air ambulances. Their broker discount will mean a better price for you.

Air ambulances are much rarer than standard private jets, so you won’t find them at every airport. This means your best shot is to use a broker who specializes in air ambulances. They can use their networks to see all the available air ambulances worldwide. Plus, the broker will have better buying power.

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