When are private jet charter landing and takeoff slots applicable?

You will need a landing and takeoff slot if you fly to a high-density airport in the U.S., or one that is hosting a special event with a significant number of aircraft arriving and departing. If you’re flying internationally, you will need a landing and takeoff slot for all major cities in Europe.

A landing or takeoff slot is simply a small window of time in which your aircraft is set to fly in or out of the airport. The schedule is arranged according to the volume of flights. Each slot is two to four minutes apart, which helps to mitigate congestion and wake turbulence.

Air traffic control will try to issue your slot within 30 minutes of your request. For example, if you want to land at an airport at 10:00 pm, your slot should fall between 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm.

Should I book landing and takeoff slots for events like the Super Bowl, The Masters, or the Kentucky Derby?

Yes. When you’re flying to a popular event, booking your own time slots is pivotal. Slots are typically issued 48 hours in advance and may be renewed every 24 hours.

At midnight, slot schedules are reshuffled and all the free slots become available. Cancelled slots will also be re-released. If a private jet operator or broker is unable to book your slot 48 hours before the event you’re attending, don’t worry. It’s likely they’ll get it around 24 hours before the flight.

Can a private jet broker reserve a takeoff or landing slot?

Yes, a broker can apply for slots. It’s a fairly rigorous task, requiring them to sit in front of a computer screen and constantly refresh it every few seconds until a slot opens up.

Will it cost me extra to book a takeoff or landing slot?

No, operators do not charge private jet clients extra for slots.

Which events, times and places have the most popular takeoff and landing slots?

It can be difficult to book a slot at any major event, including:

Major airports in Europe can also prove tricky. This is especially true for those which are used by commercial airlines. For example:

Commercial airlines will be treated as the priority at these airports, which is why it makes sense for private jets to use smaller, executive airports instead. Plus, many of these airports will allow you to land or takeoff without a pre-booked slot.

Finally, you need to consider seasonal demand. For example, during ski season, areas like Aspen, Colorado and Park City, Utah will experience high demand during ski season. As these airports do not permit nighttime landings due to surrounding mountainous terrain, the compressed schedule places additional importance on securing landing and departure slots as quickly as possible.

Similarly, European hot spots fill up quickly. Smaller islands like Mykonos are very popular, and there are only so many slots to go around. Booking early here is essential.

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