Can I book a private jet for an entire month?

Yes, and there are several ways to do this. You can ask your broker to request an aircraft from a series of operators. Typically, the operator will charge a two-hour minimum per day, which equates to a 60-hour minimum for a 30-day month.

You’ll also be expected to pay for a crew overnight for 29-30 days per month. This should be paid upfront, along with additional fees in escrow to cover landing fees. These fees range from $150 – $1,500 per day, depending on the airports you use. You’ll also need to pay extra for flight attendants if you have a large jet.

Operators prefer to book an aircraft out for the month because they can book upwards of 60 hours at once. That makes the owner of the aircraft happy, which was their goal when they first put it into charter. It’s also a smart approach for customers, because a good broker can use the operator’s eagerness to negotiate a competitive hourly rate.

Do clients go and reach out to operators directly or is it better to go to a broker or look online?

It’s better to use a brokerage as you’ll have more flexibility if there’s an issue. For example, if you book an aircraft directly through an operator, and it has a mechanical problem, they may back it up – or, they may not. If they can’t, you’ll be left to find your own solution, which can cost even more in addition to the significant inconvenience.

If you book via a broker, they’ll have access to the world’s fleet of aircraft, allowing them to not only find you the perfect backup aircraft, but also get you the best rate.

When you book one specific aircraft for the whole month, who is the client dealing with?

In this scenario, brokers manage your journey on a trip-by-trip basis, and you’ll deal with them directly. They will take care of catering, ground transportation, flight tracking, adverse weather arrangements, and more. They’ll also keep you up to date with anything that could impact your trip.

When you charter for a month or more, you’ll also receive the phone numbers of the pilots. This means you can get in touch with them on short notice and arrange quicker flights, which gives you more control.

What type of people typically charter a specific aircraft for a whole month?

There are many reasons. For example, it could be a musical tour. Perhaps a company is launching an IPO and requires the ability to travel to multiple international meetings in a short space of time. Or maybe a franchised company has to inspect lots of locations, and this provides the quickest option to do this. Because so much can be achieved so quickly, this can actually prove to be a cost-effective option – as well as being an incredibly enjoyable way to travel.

Will the aircraft move to wherever the client needs to go within that month, or must it keep returning to its home base?

The aircraft stays with the client and remains on the road for that entire month. It’s one of the perks you’ll enjoy with a larger purchase.

However, the operator will likely switch out the crew. For example, the first crew may be available for 14 days, with the next set working for 10-14 days, and so on.

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