Which type of private jets accommodate skis?

Only certain midsize jets or larger can carry skis and not all midsize jets can fit them onboard. However, there is an anomaly in the very light jet category.

The Citation Mustang, a four-seater aircraft, is built with a ski chute down the center of the plane. This creates a “hump” between the two seats in the back of the aircraft and on the floor, as the ski chute runs down the center of the aircraft.

Note that the Citation Mustang is the only aircraft outside midsize jets that can carry skis. No other VLJ, light jet, or super light jet can carry them. All super midsize jets and above can accommodate skis.

Is there a limit as to how many sets of skis can fit onboard?

Yes, but that depends on the aircraft as well as if the skis come with boots and any other gear. It will vary based on the client's needs.

Often, people will rent skis from the resort. Or they'll ship skis ahead of their arrival. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a larger aircraft that can accommodate skis, it's usually more cost-effective to mail the skis in advance.

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