How much luggage am I allowed to bring on a private jet?

As a rule of thumb, each seat on a light or midsize jet equates to one passenger and one item of luggage. Each item of luggage is considered to be the standard 23 kilograms, or 50 lbs.

Large jets are designed for long-range trips which typically involve longer stays, so you can carry more than one item of luggage per person.

Here’s an estimate of how much luggage your private jet can hold:

Jet SizeNumber of PassengersTotal Items of Luggage
Light jet66
Midsize jet88
Large jet1220

VIP airliners like the Boeing Business Jet and Airbus Corporate Jet have separate cargo spaces under the cabin, allowing them to carry a lot more luggage. For example, Paramount Business Jets previously arranged a trip for a Saudi princess with two moving trucks’ worth of luggage, and the VIP airliner accommodated all of it.

The above numbers are just estimates and will vary for individual models of aircraft. This is especially true if you’re carrying unusually shaped baggage such as skisgolf clubs, or musical equipment.

Before signing off on a flight, reconfirm with your charter broker on the baggage capacity of the plane to make sure you can carry all that you need for your trip.

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