Why should I hire a plane with Paramount Business Jets?

Paramount Business Jets is the perfect company for those new to private jet charter because of our team of experienced charter advisers. Our mission is to help educate our clients on private aviation. No question is too big or too small; we want to help you understand how booking a private aircraft works. We’ll explain the best way to do it, so that you make well-informed decisions.

We understand that you’ll have questions. That’s why at PBJ, we provide a personalized service to every client, guiding you through the process from start to finish every time you book an aircraft with us.

That said, PBJ is also a great fit for experienced fliers because of our top-quality service. If you understand what a good price is for a private charter flight, you’ll know we offer terrific value and safe, reliable service.

Many of our clients are repeat flyers who recognize what PBJ offers. Our experienced staff – most of them pilots as well – is famous for helping with trip coordination, often spotting an opportunity others would have missed. Our team is transparent and trustworthy – a core principle of the PBJ ethos. We believe that if we expect our clients to trust us, that trust should be reciprocated. It’s why we’re transparent in everything that we do.

Here are some of the benefits of using PBJ:

  • All sizes and types of aircraft available
  • Lowest prices
  • Best value
  • Highly transparent
  • Expert negotiators in aviation
  • Deep understanding of the charter business

Some private jet brokerages focus on one area, like the US or Europe, but PBJ operates worldwide. We have offices in multiple countries, which helps us secure flights in Asia, Africa, the Far East, South America, Canada, Mexico, and more.

Over many years, we’ve fostered relationships around the globe, so we know how each country operates. We understand their civil aviation authorities, the peculiarities of different trips, and, where relevant, the political situations that affect private flights.

So, why should you choose PBJ?

  1. We provide expert service.
  2. We are a transparent company.
  3. We put safety first above everything.
  4. We put clients’ needs above our own.
  5. We provide personalized service. This includes your own personal adviser who understands all of your and your guests' preferences.
  6. We have access to high-quality aircraft.
  7. We customize your flight based on your individual requirements. Need an ultra long range jet, built in 2016 or later, with on-board Wi-Fi? That’s what you’ll get!
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