What type of in-flight services are available?

When you fly private with Paramount Business Jets, you can enjoy a wide range of exciting in-flight services such as:

  • Custom catering and drinks (including alcohol)
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Access to 10,000+ films and series
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Massage therapists on demand

Entertainment can be provided via Wi-Fi. This will either be free, or you may be charged per megabyte, depending on whether you’re flying domestically or internationally.

Reading material will cover everything from business and sports to pop culture. If you have a special request, we can include specific newspapers or magazines, too. Your broker can help arrange custom catering and a masseuse. In some aircraft where the seats fully recline, a full body massage may be possible.

Are there games for kids on board?

There is plenty of entertainment onboard for kids, especially on larger aircraft. They’re often equipped with the latest handheld systems from manufacturers like Nintendo. If a television is available, it may be possible to play console games on a PlayStation or Xbox.

Do larger aircraft have more amenities such as bedrooms, showers, and entertainment options?

Larger aircraft have more space to accommodate amenities, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and various forms of entertainment. In fact, VIP airliners can be likened to flying homes.

Owners may configure each aircraft as they please, but a typical VIP airliner could include space for:

  • Two bedrooms
  • Stand-up showers
  • Dining area seating six to eight people
  • Living room area
  • Stateroom/conference room onboard

And that’s just the beginning. For example, let’s say the owner is a big sports fan. A VIP airliner could easily be fitted with upwards of 17 flat screens. This would mean you could catch the latest game wherever you are on the aircraft.

The bigger the aircraft, the more it's worth, and the more money that is invested in it – including amenities.

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