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Private Jet Rental Pricing

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Private Jet Hourly Rates & Charter Pricing

Very Light Jets
Very Light Jets
Price per Hour
$2,000 - $2,200
2 - 4
Range (hrs)
2:45 - 3:15
Speed (KTAS)
330 - 371
Cabin Height (ft)
4.20 - 4.90
Light Jets
Light Jets
Price per Hour
$2,200 - $2,800
6 - 7
Range (hrs)
2:45 - 5:30
Speed (KTAS)
308 - 492
Cabin Height (ft)
4.10 - 5.00
Super Light Jets
Super Light Jets
Price per Hour
$2,800 - $2,900
7 - 8
Range (hrs)
4:00 - 5:30
Speed (KTAS)
383 - 465
Cabin Height (ft)
4.10 - 5.00
Midsize Jets
Midsize Jets
Price per Hour
$2,700 - $3,800
8 - 9
Range (hrs)
2:30 - 8:00
Speed (KTAS)
374 - 470
Cabin Height (ft)
4.80 - 5.90
Super Midsize Jets
Super Midsize Jets
Price per Hour
$3,700 - $5,700
8 - 10
Range (hrs)
5:30 - 8:00
Speed (KTAS)
375 - 530
Cabin Height (ft)
5.70 - 6.30
Large Jets
Large Jets
Price per Hour
$5,000 - $7,200
10 - 16
Range (hrs)
3:00 - 13:00
Speed (KTAS)
485 - 513
Cabin Height (ft)
5.97 - 6.25
Ultra Long Range Jets
Ultra Long Range Jets
Price per Hour
$8,000 - $9,500
12 - 16
Range (hrs)
10:00 - 17:00
Speed (KTAS)
368 - 516
Cabin Height (ft)
6.08 - 6.40
VIP Airliners
VIP Airliners
Price per Hour
$16,000 - $23,000
16 - 50
Range (hrs)
2:00 - 16:00
Speed (KTAS)
469 - 485
Cabin Height (ft)
6.50 - 7.33
Price per Hour
$1,700 - $2,500
3 - 8
Range (hrs)
1:15 - 4:00
Speed (KTAS)
96 - 190
Cabin Height (ft)
3.90 - 6.00

Paramount Business Jets’ fair charter pricing featured in the New York Times:

“Paramount Business Jets flew the whole family to Hong Kong on a nine-seat airplane for $75,000. Other airline companies were charging as much as $125,000.” The New York Times

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Learn More About Our Private Jet Prices

At Paramount Business Jets, our private jet prices are all-inclusive.

This means that all elements of your charter flight costs are included unless an unexpected itinerary change is requested by our client or due to unusual weather deicing is required which could add a few hundred dollars or your pet has an accident on the plane and carpet cleaning is needed after the flight.

Overall, additional fees are very rare.

We want our clients to enjoy their experience of flying privately with us and therefore, we represent your best interest in the market at every turn.

We give you the exact price of your projected itinerary prior making a commitment so you can budget appropriately.

Paramount’s all-inclusive private jet charter pricing is derived from two principal scenarios:

  • On Demand pricing

    Our on-demand charter prices represent the best price on the market on a per trip basis.

    Our clients have the option of requesting a specific aircraft model and type or allow us to deliver the best value options available in the market for them to choose from or both.

    You can get an idea of our on-demand charter prices.

  • Jet Card pricing

    The Paramount Jet Card pricing is based on wholesale operator prices to include all broker discounts and negotiated fees, plus a transparent and low fixed trip management fee from us.

    Our Jet Card program is unique and can save you as much 92 percent for the same jet when compared to other jet card programs.

    View our Jet Card prices.

Private Jet Hourly Rental Rates and Prices

Traveling by private jet is often associated with only the incredibly wealthy.

However, just about anyone can experience the luxury of private travel with proper information and planning.

Renting a private jet is often a profitable decision for businesses who need to reach remote locations or need to fly key executives or talent to various destinations without delay.

For private use, private jets can be a way of life for the well to do, but for others, can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great way to celebrate a wedding, graduation, or another special event.

Private jet rental pricing is principally based on hourly rates.

These rates can vary from $1,200 per hour for a basic 4-passenger turboprop, all the way up to $23,000 per hour for a luxurious 18-passenger VIP airliner with bedrooms and showers.

While many aspects come into play, the key factors in pricing a private jet flight are aircraft size, comfort level preferences, length of the itinerary, and distance in concert with the total flight time.

When it comes to finding a flight within your budget, chartering a jet on demand offers the best pricing options available on the market when compared to other aircraft access methods.

With an on-demand charter you have the freedom to choose the ideal aircraft size on a per trip basis.

You can take advantage of great deals on one way flights or empty legs as well as having the flexibility to choose your comfort level based on how important ultra luxury is on a per trip basis.

At Paramount, you can set your preference of Ultra Luxury, Best Value or Lowest Price on a per trip basis.

Show private jet hourly rates by type


Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Citation Mustang 2,200
Eclipse 500 2,200
Hondajet 2,000
Phenom 100 2,200
Eclipse 550 2,300
Phenom 100E 2,300

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Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Beechjet 400A 2,600
Citation Bravo 2,500
Citation CJ1+ 2,200
Citation CJ2+ 2,600
Citation CJ3 2,700
Citation CJ4 2,500
Citation Encore 2,500
Citation Encore+ 2,500
Citation M2 2,500
Citation V 2,600
Citation Ultra 2,500
Learjet 31 2,600
Learjet 40 2,600
Learjet 40XR 3,000
Nextant 400XT 2,800
Premier I 2,700
Citation CJ2 2,600
Citation CJ3+ 3,000
Pilatus PC-24 2,900
HondaJet Elite 2,500
Hawker 400XP 2,700
Nextant 400 XTi 3,000

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Super Light

Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Citation Excel 2,800
Citation XLS 2,900
Citation XLS+ 2,900
Learjet 45 3,600
Learjet 45XR 2,800
Learjet 70 2,900
Learjet 75 2,900
Phenom 300 2,700

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Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Astra SPX 2,900
Citation VI 2,900
Citation VII 3,600
Gulfstream G100 3,800
Gulfstream G150 3,200
Hawker 800XP 3,300
Hawker 850XP 3,500
Hawker 900XP 3,600
Learjet 60 3,300
Learjet 60XR 3,400
Westwind II 3,100
Citation Latitude 4,500
Legacy 450 3,800
Praetor 500 3,600

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Super Midsize

Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Challenger 300 4,800
Citation Sovereign 4,000
Citation X 5,225
Citation X+ 4,800
Falcon 2000 4,943
Falcon 2000DX 4,674
Falcon 2000EX 4,733
Falcon 2000LX 5,200
Falcon 50EX 4,700
Gulfstream G200 5,700
Gulfstream G280 4,800
Hawker 4000 4,800
Legacy 500 3,800
Falcon 2000LXS 5,500
Citation Sovereign+ 4,200
Falcon 2000S 6,200
Praetor 600 4,100

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Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Challenger 601 5,200
Challenger 604 6,200
Challenger 605 6,800
Challenger 850 8,800
Falcon 900B 5,800
Falcon 900DX 7,000
Falcon 900EX 6,200
Falcon 900LX 5,800
Gulfstream GIV-SP 6,200
Gulfstream GVSP 7,200
Gulfstream G300 5,800
Gulfstream G400 5,900
Gulfstream G450 8,800
Gulfstream G500 7,000
Global 5000 6,800
Legacy 600 5,400
Legacy 650 6,200
Challenger 650 8,800

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Ultra Long Range

Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Falcon 7X 9,200
Gulfstream GV 7,800
Gulfstream G550 8,800
Gulfstream G650 9,200
Global 6000 8,600
Global Express 8,000
Global Express XRS 8,500
Gulfstream G650ER 9,500
Global 6500 8,600
Global 7500 8,600

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VIP Airliner

Name Hourly Rate (USD)
Airbus ACJ318 15,000
Airbus ACJ319 15,000
Airbus ACJ320 18,000
Boeing Business Jet 11,000
Boeing Business Jet 2 11,000
Boeing Business Jet 3 11,000
Lineage 1000 12,000
Boeing 777-200LR VIP 21,000

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Turboprop Aircraft

Name Hourly Rate (USD)
King Air 100 1,400
King Air 200 1,400
King Air 250 1,400
King Air 350 1,800
King Air B100 1,400
King Air B200 1,400
King Air B200GT 1,400
King Air C90 1,200
King Air C90GTi 1,300
Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II 1,500
Pilatus PC-12 NG 1,600
Super King Air F90 1,500
Swearingen Fairchild Merlin III 1,700
Beechcraft 1900D 3,500
Pilatus PC-12 1,550
Kodiak 100 Series II 1,500
Kodiak 100 1,300
Aviator TP600 1,800

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Is It Worth the Price to Fly Private or with Paramount?

PBJ’s capability to consistently offer the fairest pricing for air charter is unsurpassed

PBJ’s capability to consistently offer the fairest pricing for air charter is unsurpassed.

There are a variety of reasons people might want to fly private.

For starters, flying via private jet saves a lot of time, as there are no long waits at the airport.

You will never have to worry about missing your flight, and the quality of service you receive is entirely worth the private jet rental cost alone.

When you fly with Paramount Business Jets, you will experience the ultimate in luxury, safety, and quality.

Our company is known for its industry-leading safety standards, rigorous internal audits, strict certification reviews, and comprehensive third-party checks.

Your safety is our utmost priority.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we are the best value play on the market! Every quote is honest, and you see exactly where each dollar goes with a full cost breakdown of your flight.

We understand how important your money is to you, and we will never charge any hidden fees for our services or let anyone else over charge you.

If you are interested in planning a private trip for business, yourself and your friends or family, use our charter flight price calculator to receive a quick price estimate for any charter flight.

This tool provides aircraft options, approximate prices for those options, and the ability to initiate the booking process if you wish book a flight.

Safety is the #1 priority at Paramount

You can’t put a price on safety.

We have our own in-house safety manager who directs comprehensive safety audits on all itineraries, including, but not limited to: crew experience, aircraft insurance standards, and operator certificate checks.

Our safety manager utilizes our own safety audit procedures coupled with third-party verifiers, such as ARG/US, Wyvern, and ISBAO, to ensure all flights are as secure as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pricing for a Private Jet Charter

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, by yourself or with a group of people, a private jet can make your air travel special.

If you have any additional questions about our private jet rates, contact Paramount Business Jets today at +1-877-727-2538 for more information.

Please also see our FAQ below.

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