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We believe that it’s always better to have a wide variety of options in life, and this includes the type of private jets we can help you book.

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Paramount Business Jets’ preferred network of private jet charter aircraft consists of over 4,000 of the safest and finest private jets available for charter worldwide. With over 100 years of combined aviation experience, our private aviation team can help you find the best private jet charter for your next trip. Our large network of private jets allows you to find one that fits your needs. With so many different options, you can find a wide variety of charter prices, which ensures that there’s a perfect jet for everyone.

Here, you can find the types of aircraft that Paramount Business Jets has access to. To learn more about the types of private jets we can arrange for you, contact us today to explore your options.

Very Light Jets

  • 2 - 4 passengers
  • 700 - 1400 nautical miles
  • $2,750 - $3,500 per hour

Very light jets (VLJs) are ideal for short-to-medium-range and lightweight trips (under 10,000 pounds) due to their versatility and efficiency. Optimal for small groups of passengers, a VLJ can typically accommodate two to four people. These efficient aircraft combine jet cruising speeds with the ability to operate from smaller airports.

The wide variety of VLJs available encompasses diverse performance characteristics and payloads. While most VLJs are designed for small groups of people, some larger VLJs can accommodate more baggage than others or might include a semi-private lavatory. All very light jets are powered by turbofan engines and feature pressurized passenger cabins for added comfort, safety, and performance. Compared with turboprop aircraft, VLJs offer significant time savings by utilizing jet engines. Very light jets offer similar savings to turboprop jets due to lower operational costs. VLJs are generally configured in a VIP format to cater to executives and maximize passenger capacity.

Popular Very Light Jets

  • Citation Mustang private jet charter'
    Citation Mustang
    • Pax 4
    • Range (nm) 1150
    • Speed (KTAS) 340
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.48
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  • Eclipse 500 private jet charter'
    Eclipse 500
    • Pax 5
    • Range (nm) 1125
    • Speed (KTAS) 370
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.18
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  • Eclipse 550 private jet charter'
    Eclipse 550
    • Pax 5
    • Range (nm) 1125
    • Speed (KTAS) 375
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.18
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  • Hondajet private jet charter'
    • Pax 6
    • Range (nm) 1180
    • Speed (KTAS) 420
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.78
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Light Jets

  • 6 - 7 passengers
  • 1100 - 1900 nautical miles
  • $2,900 - $3,500 per hour

An efficient and economical option for short-to-medium-range flights, light jets offer superior versatility, speed, and range over non-turbine aircraft. Light jets have the added advantage of being able to fly into and out of smaller airports that are inaccessible to major airliners. With cruising speeds averaging 440 mph and a nonstop range of about 1,500 miles, light jets carry you to your destination quickly and efficiently.

For added comfort, performance, and safety, light jet aircraft feature pressurized passenger cabins, and most include a private or semi-private lavatory. Baggage capacity and luggage storage space on light jets may be limited, and often cannot accommodate skis or large golf bags.

Popular Light Jets

  • Beechjet 400 private jet charter'
    Beechjet 400
    • Pax 8
    • Range (nm) 1500
    • Speed (KTAS) 450
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.76
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  • Beechjet 400A private jet charter'
    Beechjet 400A
    • Pax 8
    • Range (nm) 1885
    • Speed (KTAS) 446
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.8
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  • Citation Bravo private jet charter'
    Citation Bravo
    • Pax 10
    • Range (nm) 1744
    • Speed (KTAS) 345
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.7
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  • Citation CJ1+ private jet charter'
    Citation CJ1+
    • Pax 5
    • Range (nm) 1300
    • Speed (KTAS) 389
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.76
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Super Light Jets

  • 7 - 8 passengers
  • 1700 - 1900 nautical miles
  • $4,000 - $4,300 per hour

If you’re looking for something more spacious than a light jet, super light jets are a step-up. These aircraft offer more cabin space as well as larger baggage compartments. SLJs are suitable for short-to-medium-range travel and carry between seven and eight passengers. With an increased range from light jets and a bigger cabin space, SLJs are an efficient and economical choice. For a small increase in price, super light jets are capable of landing in smaller airports. These jets are a great way to travel, as they have additional accommodations and an extended range to assure a safe and comfortable trip.

Popular Super Light Jets

  • Learjet 45 private jet charter'
    Learjet 45
    • Pax 7
    • Range (nm) 1969
    • Speed (KTAS) 465
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.92
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  • Learjet 45XR private jet charter'
    Learjet 45XR
    • Pax 8
    • Range (nm) 2049
    • Speed (KTAS) 465
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.92
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  • Learjet 70 private jet charter'
    Learjet 70
    • Pax 6
    • Range (nm) 2060
    • Speed (KTAS) 465
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.92
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  • Learjet 75 private jet charter'
    Learjet 75
    • Pax 8
    • Range (nm) 2040
    • Speed (KTAS) 465
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.92
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Midsize Jets

  • 8 - 9 passengers
  • 1300 - 3000 nautical miles
  • $4,300 - $4,750 per hour

Midsize jets offer the ultimate balance of efficiency, comfort, performance, and economy for medium-length flights. Midsize jets can fly further and faster than their lighter counterparts. These aircraft take advantage of a 500-mph average cruising speed and a maximum nonstop range of around 2,100 miles, all without sacrificing the ability to fly into and out of smaller airports. Simply put, midsize jets offer the best of both worlds.

Most midsize jet aircraft have external baggage storage, which allows them to accommodate a reasonable amount of baggage. However, some only have internal baggage compartments, such as the Hawker line of jets, which limits the capacity and storage space. This may pose problems with skis or other oversized items. All midsize jets also offer a full private lavatory.

Popular Midsize Jets

  • Citation Excel private jet charter'
    Citation Excel
    • Pax 9
    • Range (nm) 1741
    • Speed (KTAS) 433
    • Cabin height (ft) 5.68
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  • Citation VI private jet charter'
    Citation VI
    • Pax 8
    • Range (nm) 2054
    • Speed (KTAS) 468
    • Cabin height (ft) 5.8
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  • Citation VII private jet charter'
    Citation VII
    • Pax 8
    • Range (nm) 1585
    • Speed (KTAS) 448
    • Cabin height (ft) 5.7
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  • Citation XLS private jet charter'
    Citation XLS
    • Pax 9
    • Range (nm) 1722
    • Speed (KTAS) 431
    • Cabin height (ft) 5.7
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Super Midsize Jets

  • 8 - 10 passengers
  • 2400 - 4000 nautical miles
  • $5,100 - $6,500 per hour

Super midsize jets are an attractive middle ground between midsize jets and large jets. These are good for those who require more carrying capacity, speed, and range but don’t need a larger aircraft. Super midsize jets are exceptionally fast, quiet, and efficient, with the comfort of a large jet and the versatility of a midsize jet.

Super midsize aircraft, such as the Falcon 50, offer a wide variety of route options and amenities to private jet passengers. Compared to large jet aircraft, these jets are outfitted with a number of luxurious amenities to add comfort and convenience. They typically seat around 8 to 10 passengers and can offer a longer range than most midsize aircraft. With average cruising speeds that exceed 500 mph, these aircraft are fast, efficient, and normally quieter than smaller, comparable corporate jets. These aircraft have plenty of room for external baggage, oversized items, and more. Every super midsize jet features a fully enclosed lavatory for convenience and privacy.

Popular Super Midsize Jets

Large Jets

  • 10 - 16 passengers
  • 3600 - 6000 nautical miles
  • $6,800 - $9,500 per hour

By prioritizing luxury and diverse amenity service for long-haul charter flights, large jets are the epitome of comfort and performance. Large jets travel faster and longer than their smaller counterparts, with average speeds of as high as 530 mph and average ranges of around 4,000 miles. These aircraft are perfect for those who want the premier option for private jet travel.

Large jets are among the most comfortable executive aircraft available and offer optimum performance and luxurious amenities for long-range flights. Although they’re large, they are still compact enough to operate out of airports not accessible by many major airlines. Passengers get to enjoy the high standard of luxury you can find in any large jet. Amenities available on large jets often include a full private lavatory, external baggage compartments, stereo DVD, satellite phone, fax, and a full galley. Additionally, onboard flight attendants will enhance your in-flight experience by providing additional safety and comfort while also assisting with gourmet catering and entertainment.

Popular Large Jets

  • Challenger 601 private jet charter'
    Challenger 601
    • Pax 12
    • Range (nm) 3365
    • Speed (KTAS) 477
    • Cabin height (ft) 6.1
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  • Challenger 604 private jet charter'
    Challenger 604
    • Pax 12
    • Range (nm) 3518
    • Speed (KTAS) 436
    • Cabin height (ft) 6.1
    See details
  • Challenger 605 private jet charter'
    Challenger 605
    • Pax 13
    • Range (nm) 3879
    • Speed (KTAS) 488
    • Cabin height (ft) 6.08
    See details
  • Challenger 650 private jet charter'
    Challenger 650
    • Pax 12
    • Range (nm) 4000
    • Speed (KTAS) 470
    • Cabin height (ft) 6
    See details

Ultra Long Range Jets

  • 12 - 16 passengers
  • 2500 - 6700 nautical miles
  • $10,000 - $14,000 per hour

Whether traveling state to state or out of the country, ultra-long-range jets are capable of up to 11 hours of non-stop flight time, much longer than most aircraft. Ultra-long-range jets are ideal for longer trips and can comfortably seat between 12 and 19 passengers. These aircraft are usually configured with first-class seating, offering a luxurious experience for each passenger. Depending on the aircraft model, baggage compartments may hold up to 100 suitcases. Additional features on ultra-long-range jets may include a full bar, catering services, and private rooms.

Popular Ultra Long Range Jets

  • Falcon 7X private jet charter'
    Falcon 7X
    • Pax 19
    • Range (nm) 5950
    • Speed (KTAS) 459
    • Cabin height (ft) 6.18
    See details
  • Global 6000 private jet charter'
    Global 6000
    • Pax 19
    • Range (nm) 6000
    • Speed (KTAS) 513
    • Cabin height (ft) 6.25
    See details
  • Global 6500 private jet charter'
    Global 6500
    • Pax 17
    • Range (nm) 6600
    • Speed (KTAS) 583
    • Cabin height (ft) 6.18
    See details
  • Global 7500 private jet charter'
    Global 7500
    • Pax 16
    • Range (nm) 7700
    • Speed (KTAS) 487
    • Cabin height (ft) 6.18
    See details

VIP Airliners

  • 16 - 50 passengers
  • 3800 - 6100 nautical miles
  • $16,000 - $23,000 per hour

The ultimate in convenience, luxury, and comfort, VIP Airliners, such as the Boeing BBJ, offer private jet clients an unparalleled array of choices for in-flight comfort. Being a home in the sky, these super-large aircraft can carry anywhere from 15 to 30 passengers, depending on the interior configuration. All VIP Airliners have ample room for luggage, oversized items, and limited cargo. Compared to most charter airliners, VIP Airliners can operate routes unable to be flown by their smaller counterparts and are frequently used for long-haul and international flights. Due to high operating costs, they are not recommended for short flights. Conveniences such as cabin attendants, sleeper beds, cabins, private suites, and showers are a few of the luxuries these aircraft have to offer.

Popular VIP Airliners

  • Airbus ACJ318 private jet charter'
    Airbus ACJ318
    • Pax 132
    • Range (nm) 4200
    • Speed (KTAS) 485
    • Cabin height (ft) 7.4
    See details
  • Airbus ACJ319 private jet charter'
    Airbus ACJ319
    • Pax 156
    • Range (nm) 6100
    • Speed (KTAS) 459
    • Cabin height (ft) 7.38
    See details
  • Airbus ACJ320 private jet charter'
    Airbus ACJ320
    • Pax 180
    • Range (nm) 4950
    • Speed (KTAS) 485
    • Cabin height (ft) 7.32
    See details
  • Boeing Business Jet private jet charter'
    Boeing Business Jet
    • Pax 149
    • Range (nm) 5985
    • Speed (KTAS) 469
    • Cabin height (ft) 7.1
    See details

Turboprop Aircraft

  • 6 - 8 passengers
  • 700 - 1900 nautical miles
  • $1,850 - $2,300 per hour

Above and beyond piston aircraft in terms of the average range, speed, and comfort, turboprop aircraft are still just as cost-efficient. By utilizing turbine propeller engines, turboprops operate at speeds averaging 300 mph and have a non-stop range of around 1,000 miles. Turboprops are most popular for short-to-medium-distance flights. These aircraft also have the added advantage of being able to take off and land at virtually any airport.

For added comfort, performance, and safety, most turboprop aircraft have pressurized passenger cabins and often have semi-private lavatories. One downside to turboprops is that their baggage capacity and luggage space are often limited.

Popular Turboprop Aircraft

  • Beechcraft 1900D private jet charter'
    Beechcraft 1900D
    • Pax 19
    • Range (nm) 1356
    • Speed (KTAS) 280
    • Cabin height (ft) 5.92
    See details
  • King Air 100 private jet charter'
    King Air 100
    • Pax 8
    • Range (nm) 1280
    • Speed (KTAS) 265
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.8
    See details
  • King Air 200 private jet charter'
    King Air 200
    • Pax 9
    • Range (nm) 1075
    • Speed (KTAS) 290
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.8
    See details
  • King Air 250 private jet charter'
    King Air 250
    • Pax 9
    • Range (nm) 1184
    • Speed (KTAS) 310
    • Cabin height (ft) 4.76
    See details