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Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) believes that Trust and Transparency go hand in hand. These core principles have led PBJ in 2010 to introduce the industry’s first, 100% transparent private jet charter pricing model. PBJ does not set the prices or rates on any private jets for hire, operating under FAA Part 135 or 121 certificates but rather reports back to their clients and jet card members with the actual true wholesale prices being quoted directly by the operator to PBJ. All wholesale prices are without markups or commissions and include all discounts given or negotiated for on our client’s behalf. PBJ does have a low fixed trip management fee of 10 - 12% of the total wholesale price to cover the trip management and concierge services upon securing any aircraft.

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Hourly Private Jet Rental Rates

PBJ advises on the industry average hourly rates on any size aircraft in any region of the world. Industry averages are based on years of price gathering on tens of thousands charter requests worldwide. PBJ helps their clients source aircraft that meet or beat industry averages on hourly rates.

Average Hourly Rental Prices

  • Very Light Jets

    Very Light Jets (VLJ)

    $2,200/hr up to $2,350/hr

    €1,700/hr up to €1,740/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    2 - 4 1,200 - 1,300 380 - 415 4.20 - 4.90


    VLJ: Newer - $2,000/hour

    Mustang, Phenom 100 and 300, Eclipse 500

  • Very Light Jets

    Light Jets

    $2,200/hr up to $2,800/hr

    €1,700/hr up to €2,074/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    6 - 7 1,020 - 2,890 355 - 566 4.10 - 5.00


    Light Jets: Older - $2,200/hour

    Citation II, IIS, V, Bravo, Citation Jet 1, Learjet 35, Beech Jet 400, Falcon 10

    Light Jets: Newer - $2,500/hour

    Citation Jet 2+, Jet 3, Jet 4, Learjet 31, 40, Beech Jet 400A, Hawker 400XP, Falcon 100

    Super Lights: Newer - $2,800/hour

    Citation Excel, XLS, Learjet 45, Westwind I

  • Midsize Jets

    Midsize Jets

    $2,900/hr up to $3,600/hr

    €1,964/hr up to €2,757/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    7 - 8 1,160 - 4,200 419 - 545 4.60 - 6.10


    Midsize Jets: Older - $2,900/hour

    Citation III, Learjet 55, Hawker 800A, Westwind II, Astra

    Midsize Jets: Newer - $3,300/hour

    Citation VI, VII, Learjet 60, 60XR, Hawker 800XP, 850XP, 900XP, Gulfstream 100, 150, Falcon 200

  • Super Midsize Jets

    Super Midsize Jets

    $4,000/hr up to $4,800/hr

    €2,900/hr up to €3,532/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    8 - 10 2,820 - 4,200 431 - 545 5.70 - 6.30


    Super Midsize Jets: Older - $3,800/hour

    Hawker 1000, Falcon 50, Falcon 2000

    Super Midsize Jets: Newer - $4,400/hour

    Citation X, Falcon 50EX, DX, LX, F2000EX, EXeasy, DX, LX, Challenger 300

  • Large Jets

    Large Jets

    $5,500/hr up to $9,000/hr

    €4,024/hr up to €6,667/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    10 - 16 4,330 - 6,000 424 - 595 5.83 - 6.40


    Large Jets: Older - $5,000/hour

    Gulfstream III, Challenger 600, 601

    Large Jets: Newer - $5,600/hour

    Gulfstream 300, Challenger 604

    Premium Large Jets: Older - $6,000/hour

    Gulfstream IV, IVSP, Falcon 900

    Premium Large Jets: Newer - $6,500/hour

    Gulfstream 400, 450, Falcon 900EX, DX, LX, Challenger 605

    Super Premium Large Jets: Older - $7,200/hour

    Gulfstream V, Global 5000

    Super Premium Large Jets: Newer - $8,000/hour

    Gulfstream 550, Global Express, Express XRS, Falcon 7X, Challenger 850

  • Jet Airliner

    Jet Airliners

    $16,000/hr up to $23,000/hr

    €11,688/hr up to €11,331/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    19 - 500+ 2,300 - 9,640 374 - 588 6.00 - 9.00


    Jet Airliners:

    Boeing 737-700, Boeing 767, Boeing 757, Bombardier CRJ-200, Dornier DO-328-300

  • VIP Airliner

    VIP Airliners

    $16,000/hr up to $23,000/hr

    €10,370/hr up to €14,731/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    16 - 60 4,600 - 7,480 469 - 561 6.50 - 7.40


    Executive Airliners/VIP Airliners Small: $10,000 - $12,000/hour

    CRJ 200, Lineage 1000, BBJ

    Executive Airliners/VIP Airliners Large: $15,000 - $23,000/hour

    Airbus ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320

  • Turboprop Airliners

    Turboprop Airliners

    $2,500/hr up to $5,000/hr

    €2,267/hr up to €4,733/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    19 - 39 700 - 3,302 181 - 440 4.11 - 6.60


    Turboprop Airliners:

    Jetstream 4100, Jetstream 3200, Embraer Brasilia, Beech Commuter

  • Helicopters


    $1,700/hr up to $2,500/hr

    €1,521/hr up to €2,275/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    3 - 8 250 - 660 96 - 190 3.90 - 6.00



    Sikorsky S-76C Plus, Eurocopter EC120 Colibri, Bell 430, Robinson R44 Raven II, AW139, AW109 Grand New

  • Turboprop Aircraft

    Turboprop Aircraft

    $1,700/hr up to $2,500/hr

    €1,521/hr up to €2,275/hr

    Pax Range (miles) Speed (mph) Height (ft)
    5 - 8 850 - 1,720 169 - 370 3.25 - 5.70



    King Air 90, 100, 200, 350, Pilatus PC12, Cessna Caravan

Understanding Soft Quotes, Estimates, Ball Parks, Hard Quotes and Final Prices

Many times clients will find noticeable differences between private jet charter prices for the same trip. This is because charter jet prices are determined by a number of factors. Most of the times charter professionals will give clients price quotes by estimating the cost by the hour. This however does not always provide the most accurate estimate. In order to receive an all inclusive price for a private jet charter, request for a hard quote by phone or email. Hard quotes, also known as “final quotes” are based on the actual charter flight costs and are inclusive of all additional charter fees. Soft quotes or instant quotes are used to quickly estimate or ball-park the price of a charter flight.

Main Factors that Determine the Price of a Private Jet Charter Trip

Normally the primary factors in determining the price of a private jet charter trip are based on the aircraft class, the total flight time to include pre and repositioning of the aircraft , the hourly rate to include fuel surcharge, landing fees, crew expenses, number of days between each leg of the trip, international fees and/or Federal Excise Tax. For more information please call us at +1 877 727 2538 or send us an email.

Tips to lower the cost of jet rental:

  • Reserve your aircraft early for access to greater selection and lower rates.
  • Choose turbo props on certain short range trips.
  • Schedule individual legs to coincide with the operator’s 2 hour minimums rule.
  • Keeping a flexible departure time may allow for use of one of the worldwide private jet charter floating fleets or available empty legs for additional savings.
  • Use PBJ for a low fixed trip management fee and wholesale pricing.

Worldwide Coverage Wholesale Prices

Access any size jet, anywhere in the world, at anytime using the most cost effective method of chartering private jets today. Our prices reflect the lowest market prices available without compromising on safety, reliability and quality equipment. Get a quick customized quote online.

Worldwide Flights

Samples of actual final prices for specific trips


Aircraft TypeOriginDestinationTrip TypePaxTotal Price - USD
King Air 350Bratislava, SlovakiaPoprad, SlovakiaRound Trip (1 day stay)73,600.00
King Air 200South Lake Tahoe, California, United StatesSan Jose, California, United StatesRound Trip (Day trip)77,676.57
PILATUS PC-12Toronto Is., CanadaCharlo, CanadaRound Trip (3 day stay)714,750.00

Very Light Jets

Aircraft TypeOriginDestinationTrip TypePaxTotal Price - USD
Citation MustangCatania, ItalySalerno, ItalyOne Way Charter48,000.00
Citation MustangNaples (Napoli), ItalyFigari, FranceOne Way Charter48,450.00
MITSUBISHI MU-2La Romana, Dominican RepublicNassau, BahamasRound Trip (3 day stay)415,775.00

Light Jets

Aircraft TypeOriginDestinationTrip TypePaxTotal Price - USD
Citation VBaltimore, Maryland, United StatesMontreal, CanadaOne Way Charter68,037.21
Beech Jet 400Seattle, Washington, United StatesLas Vegas, Nevada, United StatesOne Way Charter611,551.71
Citation Jet IIFaro, PortugalPrague, CzechOne Way Charter615,181.82

Midsize Jets

Aircraft TypeOriginDestinationTrip TypePaxTotal Price - USD
Hawker 800Detroit City, Michigan, United StatesColumbus, Mississippi, United StatesRound Trip (1 day stay)811,822.80
Hawker 800XPScottsdale, Arizona, United StatesNapa, California & Monterey, CaliforniaMulti Leg (Within 2 days)813,048.05
Hawker 800Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesMiami, Florida, United StatesOne Way Charter822,645.75

Super Midsize Jets

Aircraft TypeOriginDestinationTrip TypePaxTotal Price - USD
Challenger 300Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesWashington Dc, United StatesOne Way Charter820,000.00
Citation XMiami, Florida, United StatesCancun, Mexico & Trenton, NJMulti Leg (Within 7 days)834,361.68
Gulfstream G-200Miami, Florida, United StatesBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesRound Trip (2 day stay)936,081.64


Aircraft TypeOriginDestinationTrip TypePaxTotal Price - USD
Challenger 604Miami, Florida, United StatesTeterboro, New Jersey, United StatesOne Way Charter1318,213.11
Gulfstream V-SPWaukesha, Wisconsin, United StatesLong Beach, California, United StatesOne Way Charter1525,181.82
Hawker 850XPMoscow, Russian FederationDubai, United Arab EmiratesOne Way Charter843,900.00

VIP Airliners

Aircraft TypeOriginDestinationTrip TypePaxTotal Price - USD
Airbus 319 Corporate JetMiami, FL, United StatesLondon, United KingdomOne Way Charter2456,777.45
MD-83 (Executive)Oakland, California, United StatesSan Jose Del Cabo, MexicoRound Trip (2 day stay)50144,329.85
Boeing Business JetDallas, TX, United StatesHonolulu, HI, United StatesMulti Leg (Within 9 days)17362,790.03

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