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Westchester County Airport Private Jet Charter

Westchester County Airport Private Jet Charter Services

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter flights and luxury airliner charters to and from Westchester County Airport.

Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y., has a reputation of being one of the most convenient airports in the New York City area. Users find it easy to get in and out of the commercial airport located 33 miles north of the city.

Westchester County Airport

Aerial View of Westchester County Airport. Picture Source:

While five commercial airlines have scheduled ticketed-passenger flights at Westchester County Airport, more than 80 percent of the aviation operations there fall in the general aviation category, which includes aircraft ranging from single-engine, two-seat, privately owned recreational planes to large corporate jets.

It is the airport for the elite traveler who owns or has chartered a private jet to New York City or wants to rent a private jet out of the metropolitan area.

And, many business executives fly into Westchester County itself. Its proximity to New York has drawn many Fortune 500 companies to set up headquarters there, including MasterCard, PepsiCo, IBM, ITT Corporation, Jarden, Universal American and Regeneron.

What is the airport code for Westchester County Airport?

The ICAO code for Westchester County Airport is KHPN and its IATA code is HPN.

How did they come up with HPN for Westchester?

The origins of its IATA code are debated but it is believed to be an abbreviation of an abbreviation of White Plains, the city in which the airport is located.

It makes some sense if you know that IATA codes don’t normally begin with W because radio stations call letters often begin with W and it would be confusing. So, if you take the W off WHP, which could have been an abbreviation for White Plains, and put an N at the end, you get HPN.

Airport Information for Westchester County Airport (KHPN, HPN)

LOCATIONWhite Plains, NY, United States
Runway Length (ft) Width (ft) Surface Type Elevation (ft)
11/29 4451 150 ASPH-G 439
16/34 6548 150 ASPH-G 439

Cirrus 22 Landing at Westchester (HPN)

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Westchester best way into NYC for charter jets

For most elite travelers coming to New York on a private jet, Teterboro seems the logical choice. Although it’s in New Jersey, Teterboro is less than 10 miles from Manhattan while Westchester County is about 30. Teterboro also has longer runways than Westchester.

But, that’s where the advantages stop, sophisticated – and experienced – charter jet pilots know. Teterboro may be closer to the city once you land but therein lies the rub – once you land.

Charter flights into and out of Teterboro are often delayed because it lives under Newark International’s airspace umbrella and sometimes in-bound Teterboro flights descend into the same corridor as outbound Newark flights ascend. And that traffic problem doesn’t even factor in air traffic from nearby LaGuardia and JFK airports.

A former air traffic controller at Teterboro said, “In my opinion, it is the most complex piece of airspace in the country. The amount of traffic that moves in and out, the mix of traffic and the confines and constraints that exist there, it is actually amazing.”

And, then there’s the time it takes to get into the city once you get off the plane. From Teterboro, there is one way to get into Manhattan – by car. And, to get into Manhattan, you have to cross the busiest bridge in the world, the George Washington Bridge.

From Westchester, you have several ways of getting into the city by car and you also have the Metro North rail station 10 minutes away, which gets you to Grand Central Station in a half hour.

Although Westchester County Airport lies in the midst of a highly congested air traffic area, the Federal Aviation Administration some 10 years ago redesigned the airspace over it to reduce congestion and delays at Westchester (HPN), LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Newark Liberty International (EWR), Teterboro (TEB) and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and make it easier for air traffic controllers.

About Westchester County and its airport

Westchester County, which covers 500 square miles, lies between New York City and Putnam County. Its western border is the Hudson River and its eastern border Long Island Sound and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Westchester County ranks second in the state after New York County for median income per person. It also has one of the highest property tax rates in the United States.

Westchester County Airport, or, as it is often called, White Plains Airport, is one of the busiest business aviation airports in the United States. It serves suburban Westchester County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

It offers services to all sorts of aircraft – commercial, business and private aviation – but most planes landing there are general aviation aircraft.

In 2015, Westchester County Airport traffic was about 15 percent commercial, 60 percent corporate, and 25 percent light general aviation (weighing less than 12,500 pounds). Corporate aviation includes heavier jets such as charter jets, air ambulances and medical flights, and government aircraft.

Westchester County encourages the use of light general aviation – many are privately owned propeller planes – at the airport to keep a diverse aviation community. Two of the three fixed base operators at the airport specialize in light general aviation services.

To meet demands of the wealthy communities surrounding Westchester County Airport, the airport has been conscientious about managing the environmental impacts – like noise – it creates.

Westchester is the second richest county in the state after New York County, in which Manhattan is located.

Westchester County Airport history

Westchester County Airport was originally built on land by the county and is still owned by the county. Its construction began during World War II but it was quickly appropriated to the United States Army. After it was deemed no longer necessary as an airport for fighter planes to defend New York City, it was returned to the county for civilian use.

The airport opened in February 1945. Three years later, the first commercial flight took off from the airport.

From 1952 to 1983, the United States Air National Guard had a base at the airport for reserve training and transportation missions.


There are three fixed base operators at Westchester County Airport.

Ross Aviation East and Signature Flight Support offer full services for aircraft of all sizes.

Million Air and Ross Aviation West specialize in services for light aircraft (up to 12,500 lbs.) and provide limited ramp services for aircraft up to 50,000 pounds

Ross Aviation has two operations at Westchester County. Ross Aviation East offers full service to aircraft of all sizes and Ross Aviation West also specializes in services for light general aviation planes (including the sale of nav gas). It handles general aviation aircraft up to a Boeing Business Jet at East; aircraft up to 50,000 MGTOW at West.

Ross Aviation FBO

Ross Aviation FBO. Picture Source.

Its amenities and services include:

  • Agriculture clearance
  • Aircraft detailing
  • Concierge services
  • Courtesy transportation
  • De-icing
  • Dishwasher service
  • Executive conference room
  • Flight planning center
  • Gourmet catering
  • Ground handling
  • Heated hangar
  • Linen service
  • On-site customs and immigration clearance
  • On-site rental cars
  • Oxygen/nitrogen
  • Passenger lobby
  • Pilot lounge
  • Ramp-side vehicle access
  • Secure parking
  • Shuttle service
  • Snooze room
  • Tow from customs
  • Valet services
  • VIP lounge (east only)
  • Wi-Fi

Signature Flight Support has two operations at Westchester County Airport, one at the east terminal and one at the west. They have the same director and seem to offer the same services.

Signature Flight Support

Signature Flight Support. Picture Source.

Services and amenities include:

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Airstairs
  • Baggage carts
  • Belt loader
  • Business center
  • Concierge services
  • Conference rooms
  • Courtesy crew cars
  • Crew room
  • Customs and immigration on airport
  • De-icing/anti-ice
  • Fireplace
  • Golf cart service
  • Heated hangar
  • Helicopter handling
  • Limousine service
  • Overnight hangar
  • Passenger lounge
  • Pet friendly
  • Ramp side vehicle access
  • Scissor lift
  • Secured vehicle parking
  • Sports charter handling
  • Transient hangar space
  • Valet
  • VIP/heads of state handling
  • Wheelchairs
  • Wi-Fi

Million Air White Plains

Million Air

Million Air FBO. Picture Source.

Million Air White Plains is a full-service FBO in the midst of building a new state-of-the-art FBO facility at Westchester County Airport, which will be open in early 2019.

It’s a million-dollar project designed to provide quick service and elegant amenities for business and leisure private jet travelers.

It uses one word – luxury – to describe its services. It says it specializes “in providing a luxury experience for your flight crews and passengers. In addition to the new FBO, we will have a few new hangar options for you to call home.”

Maintenance services are available.

Million Air has an interesting backstory. It was founded as a single FBO in 1984 by the Mary Kay Cosmetics family in Dallas, Texas. Its original goal was to be a luxury FBO for Mary Kay customers and sales representatives. It wanted its FBO to mirror the elegance of its corporate jet. The company decided it was necessary to keep its customers from stepping out of elegance into quite unglamorous facilities where they tripped over flight school students and mechanics.

Mary Kay decided to create an “aviation oasis” at Million Air Dallas.

The “Million Air Experience” got national attention and Mary Kay soon launched its brand in airports in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Million Air continues to expand on a global level with the ability to, license, own and operate facilities in most countries. And you don’t have to be a Mary Kay representative to use it.

Did you know?

In the 2000 movie, “Meet the Parents,” Westchester County Airport plays the part of both Chicago’s O’Hare, from which Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) and Pam Byrnes (Teri Polo) depart, and New York’s La Guardia, where they arrive for the visit to her parents.

Now, that’s acting versatility.

FBOs and Handlers at Westchester County Airport, KHPN, HPN

Avitat Westchester  85 TOWER RD HANGAR E  (914) 428-3730   
Duncan Avionics  WESTCHESTER COUNTY AIRPORT  (914) 686-8294   
Landmark Aviation  184 AIRPORT ROAD, HANGAR 3 WHITE PLAINS, NY  (914) 761-3000   
Panorama Flight Service  67 TOWER ROAD HGR T  (914) 328-9800   
Signature Flight Support West  85 Tower Rd
White Plains, NY 10604 
(914) 428-3730   
Westair  136 TOWER ROAD  (914) 946-0100   
Million Air  136 TOWER ROAD, Hangar M
Ibm Hanger    0000000000   
Signature West  85 TOWER RD HANGAR E
Signature Flight Support East  2 Hangar Rd.
White Plains, NY 10604 
Million Air  136 Tower Rd.
White Plains, NY 10604 
Ross Aviation East  184 Airport Rd. Hangar D3
White Plains, NY 10604
Ross Aviation West  67 Tower Road, Hangar T
White Plains, NY 10604
United States of America  

METAR Weather Data at Westchester County Airport, KHPN, HPN

OBSERVEDFri May 20, 22:56 UTC
NOWFri May 20, 23:46 UTC
AGE50 min ago
WINDE at 7 mph
CONDITIONSlight rain & mist
TEMP63°F (17°C)
DEWPT61°F (16°C)
BAROMETER1014 hPa (29.93 in Hg)
METARKHPN 202256Z 10006KT 1SM R16/P6000FT -RA BR BKN002 BKN048 OVC120 17/16 A2993 RMK AO2 SLP134 P0008 T01670156

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