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A subsidiary of the American industrial conglomerate, Textron, the Cessna Aircraft Company is a major aircraft manufacturer located in Wichita, Kansas. Although the company is primarily recognized for their smaller, piston aircraft, Cessna is also one of the top business jet manufacturers in the world.


The Cessna-Roos Aircraft company was founded by Clyde Cessna and Victor Roos in 1927, however Roos quickly backed out after only one month and sold his part of the company back to Cessna. Roos's name was promptly removed and the Cessna Aircraft Company was officially born. Just two years later, the Cessna DC-6 earned flight certification on the same day as the stock market crash of 1929. Unfortunately, Cessna was not able to avoid the consequences of the overwhelmingly faltering economy and the Cessna Aircraft Company was closed in 1932 during the first years of the Great Depression.

Two years later, a man named Dwane Wallace reopened the company doors. From this point on, Cessna Aircraft Company would begin to take form as the international success it is today. In 1933, the Cessna CR-3 won the American Air Race and set a world speed record for its engine size. While this earned Cessna fame and admiration, it wasn't until 1940 that Cessna would start receiving large orders. In the same year that the U.S. Army gave Cessna their largest order yet of 33 T-50s, the Royal Canadian Air Force ordered an additional 180 units. Throughout 1946 to 1948, Cessna returned to commercial manufacturing releasing the Model 140, which was named “Outstanding Plane of the Year” by the US Flight Instructors Association. In 1956 the Cessna 172 was announced, which would later become the best-selling and most produced aircraft in history.

In 1969, Cessna's first business jet, the Citation I, took its first flight. Since that point in time, many derivatives of the Citation line have redefined the light business jet industry. Today, Citation jets are among the most popular and well-known business jets in the world serving as executive transport for some of the most important executives and celebrities around the globe. Some stars even pilot their own Citation Jets, such as renowned actor Harrison Ford with his very own CJ3. Find out more about Cessna on Wikipedia.

Types of Cessna Aircraft Available in the Market

Aircraft name Max Pax Range (nm)
Cessna 414A 8 1309
Citation CJ1+ 5 1300
Citation CJ2+ 7 1613
Citation CJ3 7 1900
Citation CJ4 9 1920
Citation Encore 11 1646
Citation Encore+ 7 1760
Citation Excel 9 1741
Citation M2 7 1300
Citation Mustang 4 1150
Citation Sovereign 10 3188
Citation V 8 1760
Citation Ultra 7 1524
Citation VI 8 2054
Citation VII 8 1585
Citation X 9 2890
Citation X+ 12 3242
Citation XLS 9 1722
Citation XLS+ 9 1858
Citation Latitude 9 2700
Citation CJ2 7 1613
Citation CJ3+ 9 2040
Citation Sovereign+ 10 3200
Citation Longitude 8 3500

Cessna Aircraft Charters, Sales and Leasing Services