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Zurich Private Jet Charter
Zurich Private Jet Charter
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Zurich Private Jet Charter Service

Trusted Zurich Jet Charter Company since 2005

Trusted Zurich Jet Charter Service Since 2005

Paramount Business Jets offers a variety of private jets available for charter to and from Zurich, Switzerland. Clients may choose specific aircraft ranging from light jets and turbo props, to large jets and VIP airliners at best prices. Known for being a popular destination, Zurich has much to offer when it comes to aircraft and amenities. There are over 11 airports located within a 50-mile radius of Downtown Zurich to choose from. Zurich Airport (ZRH) is the country's largest and most preferred choice for private, business, and corporate charters to and from Zurich. There are over 26 aircraft types based in the vicinity of Zurich itself and with over 47 aircraft options in the region, most of which are newer than 2000 (YOM). The most popular private jets available for charter in the area include very light jets (Citation Mustang, Phenom 100), light jets (Citation CJ1, Citation CJ2, and Citation Bravo), super light jets (Phenom 300, Citation Excel, and Citation XLS), midsize jets (Hawker 900XP), super midsize jets (Challenger 300, Citation Sovereign, and Dornier 328 Executive Jet), large jets (Challenger 605, Challenger 850, Gulfstream G450, and Falcon 900EX), and ultra-long-range jets (Falcon 7X, Global Express, Gulfstream GV, and Gulfstream G550). In addition, there are Boeing 757 VIP, Airbus 318 Elite and Airbus 319 Corporate Jets that are available for charter in and around Zurich.

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Private Jets and Helicopters Available for Hire Near Zurich

Citation Mustang VLJ 2007 4
Phenom 100 VLJ 2016 4
Beechjet 400A Light 2004 6
Citation CJ1 Light 2000 5
Citation CJ2 Light 2005 6
Citation CJ2+ Light 2009 8
Citation CJ2+ Light 2007 6
Phenom 300 Light 2015 7
Pilatus PC-24 Light 2018 6
Citation Latitude Midsize 2017 9
Citation XLS Midsize 2008 8
Learjet 45 Midsize 2000 7
Learjet 60 Midsize 1998 7
Challenger 300 Super Midsize 2009 9
Falcon 2000EX Super Midsize 2003 10
Gulfstream G280 Super Midsize 2017 8
Challenger 604 Large 2003 12
Falcon 7X Large 2012 14
Falcon 900EX Large 2001 15
G450 Large 2008 16
G550 Large 2005 14
Global 5000 Large 2014 8
Global Express Large 1999 14
Agusta AB139 Helicopter 2014
AW139 Helicopter 2015 8
Eurocopter EC-130-T2 Helicopter 2017 6
Eurocopter EC-155 Helicopter 2008 11

Zurich Empty Leg Flights and Available Airport Options

Zurich Airports within 50 Miles

  1. Zurich Airport, LSZH, ZRH, Zurich, Switzerland
  2. Dubendorf Airport, LSMD, Dubendorf, Switzerland
  3. Emmen Airport, LSME, Lucerne (Luzern), Switzerland
  4. Donaueschingen Villingen Airport, EDTD, ZQL, Donaueschingen, Germany
  5. Buochs Airport, LSZC, BXO, Buochs, Switzerland
  6. Mollis Airport, LSMF, Mollis, Switzerland
  7. Alpnach Airport, LSMA, Alpnach, Switzerland
  8. Neuhausen Ob Eck Airport, EDSN, Neuhausen, Germany
  9. Friedrichshafen Airport, EDNY, FDH, Friedrichshafen, Germany
  10. Bale Mulhouse Airport, LFSB, BSL, Basel, France

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Zurich Weather

Current Conditions

Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy (measured at 03:41 PM UTC)
27°C, 81°F
0.0 mm
1016 mb
Cloud Cover:
10 km
Wind Speed:
8 mph, 13km/h
Wind Direction:
280° W

5-Day Forecast

 Jul 19Jul 20Jul 21Jul 22Jul 23
Blank Image Placeholder Moderate rain at timesModerate rain at timesPatchy rain possibleModerate rain at timesPartly cloudy
Precipitation0.5 mm0.8 mm6.7 mm0.5 mm0.0 mm
Max Temp27 °C, 81 °F31 °C, 87 °F27 °C, 81 °F30 °C, 86 °F30 °C, 86 °F
Min Temp15 °C, 58 °F15 °C, 58 °F17 °C, 62 °F15 °C, 60 °F16 °C, 60 °F
Wind Direction263 ° W188 ° S222 ° SW45 ° NE43 ° NE
Wind Speed5 km/h, 3 m6 km/h, 4 m7 km/h, 4 m6 km/h, 4 m7 km/h, 5 m

Zurich City Overview

Located on the Swiss central plateau at the northern end of Lake Zurich is the Switzerland city of Zurich. Zurich is a charming city known for being a major contemporary art, shopping, and tourist destination. Due to its location in Switzerland, Zurich is comprised of German, French, and English architecture making for some of the most interesting buildings worldwide. Some of the most notable sites in this interesting city are the Augustinergasse, Bahnhofstrasse, Fraumunster, Lakeside Promenade, Lindenhof, Grossmunster, Niederdorf, Rathaus, Schipfe, and St. Peters Church. It is also home to the Swiss Stock Exchange and research centers for IBM and the European General Motors Corporation. If your traveling with your family then you might want to consider visiting the Zurich Zoo, which is home to the first complete indoor rainforest ecosystem with loose birds, monkeys, and all sorts of animals the family can enjoy.

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