F1 Italian Grand Prix

Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy

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Fans of really fast – and potentially dangerous – racing flock to Monza, Italy, every year to see the Formula One Gran Premio Santander D’Italia (the Italian Grand Prix).

The old-school track, surrounded by trees just nine miles northeast of Milan, was built in 1922. It’s one of the fastest circuits in the Formula One lineup.

Although horrific crashes over the years – including one in 1928 in which a driver and 27 spectators were killed and another in 1961 in which a driver and 14 spectators were killed – have forced the track to be modified several times, there are still places where the old banks and spectator stands can be seen.

Despite – or because of – continued safety concerns, the circuit remains a favorite of fans looking for the thrill of an action-packed race. Formula One cars have been racing there since 1950.

Monza has a special place in the hearts of Ferrari-lovers. Fans of the car, made 125 miles away in Maranello, are called Tifosi. Wearing red, they fill the stands with roars as they cheer on their favorite drivers.

These fans join other Italians in calling Monza “La Pista Magica” (the magic track), a fitting nickname for the venue that has been said to encapsulate the sport of Formula One racing better than any other.

Wondering what it looks like to drive? Take a lap around the Autodromo Nazionale Monza with driver Nico Rosberg. In the race, drivers make 53 laps around the 3.6-mile circuit in the 307-mile race.

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Lewis Hamilton at the 2015 Italian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton at the 2015 Italian Grand Prix. Picture Source.

Things to do in Milan

Once the race is over, don’t forget all the other things to see while you are near the cultural city of Milan, including:

  • Lake Como – located just a short drive to the north, it’s a beautiful and secluded area where George Clooney has a place and many Formula One VIPs stay during the Italian Grand Prix.
  • The Mediterranean coast – a two-hour drive to one of the most romantic places on earth.
  • The Duomo di Milano – in Milan is the fourth-largest church in the world. Its magnificence is breath-taking, and it is filled with works of art.
  • The Pinacoteca di Brera -- the Brera Art Gallery in Milan has one of the largest collections of Italian art. There you can see paintings such as Rubens’ Last Supper and Raphael’s Marriage of the Virgin.
  • San Remo – the tourist destination on the Italian Riviera where you can taste pizza the way it was originally made.
  • Maranello – the location of the Ferrari factory.

And, if you have some extra travel time, don’t miss:

  • The south of France – The famous cities of Monaco, Nice, and Cannes are about 200 miles away.
  • Rome – Vatican City is about 360 miles away.

By the way, if you can’t make it to the race, you can still experience the thrill of the Monza circuit. During the winter months, Autodromo Nazionale Monza offers visitors 30-minute periods in which they can drive their own cars around the track. It doesn’t come cheap, however. A 30-minute period costs $5,000.

Picture Credit: By Craig Dennis from England [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons