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Lucerne Private Jet Charter
Lucerne Private Jet Charter
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Lucerne Private Jet Charter Service

Trusted Lucerne Jet Charter Company since 2005

Trusted Lucerne Jet Charter Service Since 2005

Looking to take the trip of a lifetime to Switzerland? Paramount Business Jets is specialized in providing the very best and most affordable private jet charter flights to Lucerne, Switzerland. With straightforward access to 10 airports within 50 miles, Lucerne is as easy to travel to and from as anywhere in the world. Out of the abundant options, three airports are located within just 10 miles including the Emmen Airport (EML), Buochs Airport (BXO) and Alpnach Airport (LSMA). Looking for suggestions to find the ideal private jet aircraft for your trip? If you are looking for light jets, the most popular options are the Piaggio Avanti II, Premier I and Citation CJ3. For midsize jets, Hawker 800 XP, Gulfstream G150 and Learjet 60 are all frequent choices. Large jets also have many options including the Falcon 900 EX Easy, Legacy 600 and Challenger 604. If you are interested in taking a trip to Lucerne, Switzerland today, please give us a call at +1-877-727-2538.

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Private Jets and Helicopters Available for Hire Near Lucerne

Citation Mustang VLJ 2010 4
Beechjet 400A Light 2004 6
Citation CJ1 Light 1993 5
Citation CJ2 Light 2005 6
Citation CJ2+ Light 2007 6
Pilatus PC-24 Light 2018 6
Citation Latitude Midsize 2017 9
Citation XLS Midsize 2008 8
Learjet 45 Midsize 2000 7
Learjet 60 Midsize 1998 7
Challenger 300 Super Midsize 2009 9
Falcon 2000EX Super Midsize 2003 10
Gulfstream G280 Super Midsize 2017 8
Challenger 604 Large 2003 12
Falcon 7X Large 2012 14
Falcon 900EX Large 2001 15
Falcon 900EX Large 2001 14
G450 Large 2008 16
G550 Large 2005 14
Global 5000 Large 2014 8
Global Express Large 1999 14
Pilatus PC-12 NG Turboprop Aircraft 2016 6
Agusta AB139 Helicopter 2014
AW109 Grand New Helicopter 2017 6
AW139 Helicopter 2015 8
Eurocopter EC-130-T2 Helicopter 2017 6
Eurocopter EC-155 Helicopter 2008 11

Lucerne Empty Leg Flights and Available Airport Options

Lucerne Airports within 50 Miles

  1. Emmen Airport, LSME, Lucerne (Luzern), Switzerland
  2. Buochs Airport, LSZC, BXO, Buochs, Switzerland
  3. Alpnach Airport, LSMA, Alpnach, Switzerland
  4. Meiringen Airport, LSMM, Meiringen, Switzerland
  5. Dubendorf Airport, LSMD, Dubendorf, Switzerland
  6. Zurich Airport, LSZH, ZRH, Zurich, Switzerland
  7. Mollis Airport, LSMF, Mollis, Switzerland
  8. Bern Belp Airport, LSZB, BRN, Bern, Switzerland
  9. Ambri Airport, LSPM, Ambri, Switzerland
  10. Grenchen Airport, LSZG, ZHI, Grenchen, Switzerland

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Lucerne Weather

Current Conditions

Sunny (measured at 11:54 AM UTC)
26°C, 79°F
0.0 mm
1017 mb
Cloud Cover:
10 km
Wind Speed:
0 mph, 0km/h
Wind Direction:
356° N

5-Day Forecast

 Jul 19Jul 20Jul 21Jul 22Jul 23
Blank Image Placeholder Heavy rain at timesHeavy rain at timesPatchy rain possibleModerate rain at timesPartly cloudy
Precipitation1.2 mm1.1 mm3.4 mm0.5 mm0.1 mm
Max Temp27 °C, 80 °F28 °C, 83 °F29 °C, 84 °F32 °C, 89 °F33 °C, 91 °F
Min Temp11 °C, 53 °F15 °C, 58 °F17 °C, 62 °F14 °C, 58 °F17 °C, 63 °F
Wind Direction264 ° W230 ° SW254 ° WSW109 ° ESE94 ° E
Wind Speed4 km/h, 3 m6 km/h, 4 m5 km/h, 3 m5 km/h, 3 m5 km/h, 3 m

Lucerne City Overview

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter services to and from Lucerne, Switzerland. Lucerne (Luzern in German) is a small and picturesque city in Central Switzerland, on the western shore of Lake Lucerne. Once a small fishing village, Lucerne has gained popularity among travelers from all over the world since the 19th century and thus Lucerne has evolved as one of the top tourist towns in central Switzerland. Lucerne is stepped in rich culture and colorful history, from the foundation of the Swiss Confederation back in 1291 to the William Tell legend (the bit with the boy and the apple). As one of Europe's most charming cities, Lucerne is characterized by its stunning lakes, picturesque mountains, alpine villages and meadows full of edelweiss. The Old Town of Lucerne is amongst most attractive in Switzerland and is gloriously preserved it today. The Old Town is the home of many buildings, houses, and hotels painted in medieval style or ornately decorated on the outside, lined with outdoor shops and cobbled streets. Lucerne's most popular landmark and tourist attraction is the Chapel Bridge, which is an iconic symbol of the city and still retains much that same as it did when it was built in 1333 as a part of the city's fortifications. Lucerne with its narrow, cobbled streets can be explored on foot, and provides easy access to close by towns of Stans, Weggis, Hergiswil, Hildisrieden, Kastanienbaum, and the capital city of Bern.

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