Confusingly, the word ‘bathroom’ has come to mean different things to different people. To some, a bathroom must have a bath—and a toilet, and maybe a shower, too. For others, ‘bathroom’ means a room with a toilet, i.e., a lavatory. Yet some people call a small room with just a toilet a lavatory, and others call it a cloakroom…

So, what can you expect if you charter a private jet with a bathroom? What will be inside? Are all private jet bathrooms the same? And do any private jets offer more than a lavatory? 

Let us explain what bathroom facilities to expect on private aircraft.

Do All Private Planes Have Bathrooms?

No. Most smaller planes, such as turboprops and very light jets, can only fly non-stop for a few hours. They also have limited space and are designed to be lightweight. For these reasons, many don’t have bathrooms (of any sort!). This includes the Eclipse 500 and 550 and the Cirrus Vision. However, some do have lavatories, and turboprops like the Pilatus PC-12 or King Air can be fitted with a small bathroom at an owner’s request. 

Do You Need a Private Jet with a Bathroom? 

For very short flights, a bathroom may not be necessary. However, bear in mind that re-routing and landing delays may keep you in the air for longer than you expect. 

If you want a private jet with bathroom facilities, specify this when you book your trip. Opting for a larger plane may be the easiest answer, particularly if you want a more spacious bathroom that’s standing height with room to change your clothes. 

Types of Private Jet Bathrooms

Not all private jet bathrooms are created equal! If you’re traveling in anything smaller than an airliner, a private jet bathroom is usually simply a lavatory. That doesn’t necessarily mean a separate cubicle, though!

Semi-Enclosed Lavatory

A semi-enclosed lavatory isn’t a separate room and offers very little privacy. It’s simply a chemical, non-flushing toilet concealed under a liftable seat cushion, and very much an emergency toilet. There are no doors or panels (except in the Phenom 100, which has a hard-side pocket door). However, in some planes, there may be a removable privacy curtain. Semi-enclosed lavatories are usually located between the cockpit and the passenger cabin.

A semi-enclosed lavatory can be found in: 

Fully-Enclosed Lavatory

Private Jet Lavatory

Fully-enclosed lavatories definitely offer a superior experience to partially-enclosed lavatories! However, even these vary, mainly according to the size of the planes. Smaller aircraft don’t usually offer standing-height cabins for people of average stature. That means that even if they have enclosed toilets, they can be cramped. Lavatories in very light jets are typically located towards the front of the cabin, while in larger classes, they’re often in a separate area at the rear.

If a plane’s lavatory is described as private, full, or fully-enclosed, you can expect at least a solid door separating the toilet from the cabin. This can be a hinged, bi-fold, accordion, or sliding door. The lavatory would normally include a flushable toilet along with a washbasin and mirror. There may also be storage. It’s common for light jets to have a seatbelt and cover seat for the lavatory to provide an extra certified passenger seat.

You can find this style of the private jet bathroom in:

Lavatories in Large Luxury Jets and VIP Airliners

As jets increase in size, you can expect more space in the lavatory and better amenities. There may be more storage, a seat, improved lighting, and even a skylight in the bathroom. Some larger jets have multiple lavatories.

Newer business jets, such as the ultra-long-range Global 7500 and Gulfstream G600 planes, may be fitted with a shower. Also in the ultra-long-range class, both the Global 6000 and Gulfstream G650 have spacious forward and aft lavatories, and it’s common to find showers in newer builds. In fact, newer Gulfstream 650s even have a special exhaust system to eliminate bathroom odors, activated when you lift the padded seat!

In the Dassault Falcon range, the latest Falcon 7X models have a rain-style shower with electro-chromatic clear sides that turn opaque in seconds for privacy. The Falcon 8X and 10X also have a shower as standard.

VIP airliners are large enough to be extensively customizable. This class includes:

In these luxury airliners, there will often be a toilet and a shower available in the middle of the aircraft at the very least. Many will feature ensuite facilities at the rear if there is a VIP bedroom, and a lavatory upfront for the crew. There may also be multiple lavatories, and even baths, a spa, or sauna facilities.

Pick the Right Private Jet Bathroom with Paramount Business Jets

The type of private jet bathroom you require will depend on the flight length and the needs of the passengers. If you’re traveling in a smaller plane with no lavatory or just a semi-enclosed toilet, we recommend using the facilities provided by the FBO (fixed base operator) before you leave!

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