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Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport Private Jet Charter

Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport Private Jet Charter Services

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter flights and luxury airliner charters to and from Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport.

The Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport is the international airport of Florence, Italy, the capital of the Tuscany region. It is the second largest airport in Tuscany, behind Pisa International Airport, which is about 50 miles west.

Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport Aerial View

Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport. Picture Source.

About Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport

The first airfield in Florence was opened in 1910 near where the Firenze Campo Marte rail station is today. It remained the city’s only airport until the 1920s when houses that were built around the airport began crowding it out.

In the 1930s, a new airport – called Peretola Airport -- opened on the site of present-day Florence Airport. It was enlarged and updated into the 1940s when the first passenger flights from other cities in Italy landed there.

The airport was extensively enlarged and renovated in the 1980s. Traffic has been growing at the airport since the upgrades.

It was renamed the Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport in 1990 after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer and cartographer who was born in Florence. The Americas get their name from him.

Small improvements continued to be made to Florence Airport until a major renovation in 1999 in which the terminals, parking areas and other facilities were modernized and expanded.

What is the airport code for Florence Airport?

The ICAO code for Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport is LIRQ and its IATA code is FLR.

Airport Information for Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport (LIRQ, FLR)

LOCATIONFlorence (Firenze), Italy
Runway Length (ft) Width (ft) Surface Type Elevation (ft)
23/05 5425 98 ASP 144

Gulfstream V Cockpit Landing in Florence Italy (FLR, LIRQ)

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Corporate Air Services is the lone fixed base operator at Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport.

Its services and amenities include:

  • Catering
  • Coffee and ice
  • Crew and passenger assistance
  • Crew rest area
  • Customs and security
  • Flight planning
  • Full aircraft ground services
  • Hotel, car, limousine rental assistance
  • Jet and AVGAS fuel
  • Slot coordination
  • Wi-Fi

About Florence

Florence is No. 3 on the list of the 10 Italian cities that are the most frequent destinations of the ultra-rich. (What are No. 1 and No. 2? Rome and Venice.) Visitors with a budget for luxury love the great artworks and food in Florence. There are many five-star hotels for those who charter a private jet into Florence. Among the most popular luxury hotels in Florence are the all-suite Palazzo Magnani Feroni, which makes you feel as if you are staying in a Renaissance castle, and the Villa Cora, which overlooks the Boboli Gardens and has a cigar room and a rooftop terrace.

The one must-see in Florence for millionaires and common people alike is the most famous statue in Italy and perhaps, the world, Michelangelo’s David. It is located in the Accademia Gallery.

Florence is known as the cradle of the Renaissance. It is the birthplace of many of the famous artists, architects, intellectuals and politicians of the Renaissance, including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Masaccio, Donatello, Ghiberti, Brunelleschi, Verocchio, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and Machiavelli.

It’s art and architecture have been lovingly preserved. Perhaps the most widely known site in Florence is The Duomo, the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. It’s a huge Gothic structure built on the site of the 7th century Church of Santa Reparata.

The cultural movement of the Renaissance, which began in Florence in the 1300s, eventually influenced the rest of Europe with its forward-thinking on art, philosophy, religion, science, literature and politics.

Florence was, even then, a modern city for its time. It was a free republic with many natural resources, including the marble used for statues.

Renaissance, which means rebirth, changed the mindset of man from a medieval existence -- in which life was only to be gotten through to get to a better afterlife – to a joyous celebration of life on earth. It also was the rebirth of the Greek and Roman cultures that had been lost to the Middle Ages for 1,000 years.

As Florence prospered, its wealthy residents invested in the art that adorned the city’s cathedrals. They believed that doing so was a way to give thanks to God and as way to do penance for their sins of being rich. Many of the wealthiest residents were bankers that loaned out money at very high interest rates.

The wealthiest families competed to show off their status by financing the artwork in and around the churches.

Things to do in Florence


Rent a private jet into Florence Airport to watch ACF Fiorentina, Florence's Serie A soccer team, play soccer at Stadio Artemio Franchi. Serie A is Italy’s top soccer league so Italy’s best teams come to Florence to play.

An insider tip: Get luxury seats in the Tribuna d’Onore, the center of the covered section of the stadium. They offer the best view of the field and are away from the most rabid fans who cheer and rarely sit down during the games.


The Uffizi, an art gallery that features the most famous Renaissance artists and sculptors. It even has a Raphael and Michelangelo Room that is set up to show how the two masters’ works were influenced by each other. Another room displays paintings Leonardo da Vinci created for churches.


A-listers who charter private jets into Florence Airport have many great dining options in a country known for its remarkable cuisine. In 2019, Florence had seven Michelin-starred restaurants. Whether you are looking for fine wine, baby squid or fabulous dining views, there are restaurants for you.


Italy is the largest wine-producing country in the world. In 2016, Italian vineyards produced about seven billion bottles of wine. It not only makes the most wine, it has the most grape varieties from which to make it.

Florence, the gateway to the Tuscan wine country, is the perfect destination for monied travelers hiring private jets into LIRQ.

Florence has been associated with wine for centuries. There was an organization of wine sellers and winemakers during the Middle Ages. Then, during the Renaissance, winemakers sold wine out of their homes in the city to the locals.

When in Florence, look for small little windows or doors near the front door of grand houses. They are the buchette del vino or the small doors or small windows for wine. They were used until the beginning of the 20th century and there are still about 150 left in Florence (although they are no longer used).

Selling through the buchette was regulated. The size of the door or window had to be big enough for a bottle of wine partially covered with the traditional wicker basket could be passed. Those bottles of wine with wicker baskets around the bottom originated in Florence.

There were also wine shops like there are today in Florence. At a fiaschetteria, customers bring their own wine bottle or barrel to refill. The everyday table wine is not bottled. The way in which it was sold is actually an ancient version of today’s wine taps.

There are also tiny shops where customers can buy a glass of wine and Florentine street fare like bruschetta. Visitors find these shops a great way to get to know the locals.

FBOs and Handlers at Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport, LIRQ, FLR

Delta Aerotaxi  VIA DEL TERMINE 11  +390 55300450   
Air Lines Supervising    (390) 553-2165   
Saf Societa Aero Firenze    (390) 553-3140   
Corporate Air Service S.R.L.  VHF 131.425
Via del Termine,11 50127 Firenze - Italy
Tel: +39 055 300450 Fax: +39 055 301092
+39 055 300450   

METAR Weather Data at Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola Airport, LIRQ, FLR

OBSERVEDWed May 25, 15:50 UTC
NOWWed May 25, 16:09 UTC
AGE19 min ago
WINDWNW at 6 mph
CLOUDSscattered clouds
TEMP86°F (30°C)
DEWPT61°F (16°C)
BAROMETER1012 hPa (29.88 in Hg)
METARLIRQ 251550Z 30005KT 250V360 9999 SCT060 30/16 Q1012

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