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Embraer is one of the largest and most prominent aircraft manufacturers in the world. The legendary Brazilian manufacturer has been in the industry for over 50 years, having decades of experience designing and producing both civilian and military aircraft at the highest levels of competition. The company is a member of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), a coalition of aviation industry giants, also including other prominent manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier Aerospace. Embraer's CEO, Frederico Curado, was the 2012 recipient of the Tony Jannus Award, an honor given solely to the most distinguished contributors to the commercial aviation industry.

History and Growth

Originally founded in 1969 as a government-owned corporation, Embraer was created to facilitate the Brazilian government's need for a domestic aircraft manufacturer. The company's first official product was the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante, a general purpose turboprop aircraft intended to fulfill both civilian and military needs.

Embraer's growth as a company was highly facilitated by its ties with the Brazilian government through consistent contracts and domestic sales. Although the EMB 110 Bandeirante succeeded in being a reliable, efficiency-based aircraft with low operational costs, development was eventually halted in favor of a pursuing larger, faster twin-turboprop aircraft, the Embraer EMB Brasilia, which was Embraer's first product to be aimed primarily at the export market. This aircraft was highly successful and marked the beginning of Embraer's prominence in the international marketplace.

Although the Brazilian government still controls golden shares allowing veto power, Embraer was largley privatized in 1994 and still remains so today. Read more about Embraer's history on Wikipedia.

Embraer Today

Through its 50 years of storied development, Embraer has become an extremely prominent competitor in the business jet industry. It currently competes with Canadian rival Bombardier for recognition as one of the Top 3 largest airplane manufacturers in the world. Offering iconic corporate entries such as the Phenom, Legacy, and Lineage lines, Embraer has secured a dominant entry in the light jet, midsize jet, and large jet categories, respectively. And with the continual announcement of new models and contracts, Embraer shows no signs of slowing down.

Types of Embraer Aircraft Available in the Market

Aircraft name Max Pax Range (nm)
Embraer ERJ 145 50 1500
Embraer ERJ 175 88 1750
Embraer ERJ 190 114 2400
Legacy 600 16 3090
Legacy 650 14 3900
Lineage 1000 19 4500
Phenom 100 5 1320
Phenom 300 9 1951
Embraer ERJ 135 37 1300
Legacy 500 10 3125
Legacy 450 9 2900
Lineage 1000E 19 4600
Praetor 600 12 4018
Praetor 500 9 3250
Phenom 100E 5 1265
Phenom 300E 10 1971
Embraer ERJ 170 80 2100
Legacy 650E 14 3900

Embraer Aircraft Charters, Sales and Leasing Services