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Opa Locka Private Jet Charter
Opa Locka Private Jet Charter
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Opa Locka Private Jet Charter Service

Trusted Opa Locka Jet Charter Company since 2005

Trusted Opa Locka Jet Charter Service Since 2005

If you are planning an itinerary involving travel to Opa Locka, Florida, Paramount Business Jets is the premier business jet solution for you. Opa Locka has access to no less than 16 individual airports within reasonable driving distance (50 miles) from the city limits. Among these convenient travel hubs are the Opa Locka Airport (OPF), the North Perry Airport (HWO), the Miami International Airport (MIA), and the Marco Island Executive Airport (MRK), each of which is within just 10 miles from Opa Locka. As you can see, travel to this city is full of options. Supplementing the wide selection of local airports, Paramount Business Jets provides access to just over 15,000 available modern jets to enable you to completely personalize your trip. With so many possibilities to choose from, sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. Some of the most popular business aircraft in the Opa Locka vicinity are light jets (Learjet 31A, Beechjet 400 A, and Citation II), midsize jets (Hawker 800, Learjet 55, and Westwind I), and large jets (Gulfstream IV-SP, Challenger 600, and Falcon 2000). For more information, please do not hesitate to speak with us at +1-877-727-2538 or email us at to begin planning your trip today.

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Private Jets and Helicopters Available for Hire Near Opa Locka

Beechjet 400A Light 1997
Beechjet 400A Light 1996 7
Citation Bravo Light 2000 7
Citation CJ1 Light 2000
Citation Encore Light 2003 7
Hawker 400XP Light 2003
Learjet 31A Light 1991 8
Learjet 40 Light 2004
Learjet 45XR Light 2001 9
Phenom 300 Light 2010 7
Astra SPX Midsize 1999
Citation Columbus Midsize 2007
Citation X Midsize 2004 8
Hawker 800XP Midsize 1997 8
Hawker 800XP Midsize 2005
Hawker 800XP Midsize 1998 8
Hawker 850XP Midsize 2007
Hawker 900XP Midsize 2009
Learjet 40 Midsize 2004 6
Learjet 45 Midsize 1999 9
Learjet 60 Midsize 1994 6
Learjet 60 Midsize 2000 9
Learjet 60XR Midsize 2012 6
Challenger 300 Super Midsize 2005 9
Challenger 300 Super Midsize 2005
Challenger 350 Super Midsize 2014
Challenger 601 Super Midsize 1995 10
Citation Sovereign Super Midsize 2005 9
Citation Sovereign Super Midsize 2014
Citation X Super Midsize 1996
Falcon 2000 Super Midsize 1999
Falcon 2000EX Super Midsize 2003 9
Falcon 2000EX Super Midsize 2003
Falcon 50 Super Midsize 2000 9
Falcon 50EX Super Midsize 2000 9
Falcon 50EX Super Midsize 2004 9
Falcon 50EX Super Midsize 2004 9
G200 Super Midsize 2004 9
G200 Super Midsize 2005
Hawker 1000 Super Midsize 1991
Hawker 4000 Super Midsize 2010
Challenger 604 Large 1998 10
Challenger 605 Large 2012 9
Falcon 900 EX Easy Large 2007 12
Falcon 900B Large 1997 12
Falcon 900B Large 1997
Falcon 900EX Large 1998 14
G350 Large 2007
G400 Large 2003 13
G450 Large 2008 14
G550 Large 2004 14
GIV Large 1991 16
GIVSP Large 1996 13
Global 5000 Large 2005 11
Global Express Large 2000 15
Gulfstream GIV-SP Large 1999 15
GV Large 2000 16
SAAB 340B Turboprop Airliner 1991 30
Cessna 208 Caravan 675 Turboprop Aircraft 2006
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Turboprop Aircraft 2017
King Air 200 Turboprop Aircraft 2013 7
King Air 350 Turboprop Aircraft 2006
King Air C90 Turboprop Aircraft 1998 6
Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II Turboprop Aircraft 2008
Piaggio P180 Avanti Turboprop Aircraft 2008
Pilatus PC-12 NG Turboprop Aircraft 2006 6
Bell 430 Helicopter 1998

Opa Locka Empty Leg Flights and Available Airport Options

Miami, FL
United States
Florence (Firenze)
Jun 3, 2019Jun 5, 201914 Request

Opa Locka Airports within 50 Miles

  1. Opa Locka Airport, KOPF, OPF, Miami, FL, United States
  2. North Perry Airport, KHWO, HWO, Hollywood, FL, United States
  3. Miami Intl Airport, KMIA, MIA, Miami, FL, United States
  4. Marco Island Executive Airport, KMKY, MRK, Marco, FL, United States
  5. Miami Downtown Heliport, KJDM, JDM, Miami, FL, United States
  6. Hollywood Int'l Airport, KFLL, FLL, Ft Lauderdale, FL, United States
  7. Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, KTMB, TMB, Miami, FL, United States
  8. Executive Int'l Airport, KFXE, FXE, Ft Lauderdale, FL, United States
  9. Lindbergh'S Landing Airport, FA35, FA35, Miami, FL, United States
  10. Pompano Beach Airpark Airport, KPMP, PMP, Pompano Beach, FL, United States

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Opa Locka Weather

Current Conditions

Rain (measured at 06:54 PM UTC)
29°C, 85°F
0.0 mm
1017 mb
Cloud Cover:
11 km
Wind Speed:
0 mph, 0km/h
Wind Direction:
2° N

5-Day Forecast

 May 20May 21May 22May 23May 24
Blank Image Placeholder Moderate or heavy rain showerPartly cloudyPatchy rain possiblePatchy rain possiblePartly cloudy
Precipitation2.8 mm0.0 mm0.1 mm0.1 mm0.0 mm
Max Temp31 °C, 88 °F31 °C, 89 °F31 °C, 88 °F31 °C, 88 °F31 °C, 87 °F
Min Temp27 °C, 81 °F27 °C, 81 °F27 °C, 81 °F26 °C, 79 °F26 °C, 79 °F
Wind Direction77 ° ENE95 ° E84 ° E74 ° ENE74 ° ENE
Wind Speed11 km/h, 7 m13 km/h, 8 m19 km/h, 12 m22 km/h, 14 m23 km/h, 14 m

Opa Locka City Overview

Opa-Locka, Florida is a suburban city located in the northeastern area of Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Opa-Locka was incorporated by aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss in 1926 as an "Arabian Fantasy" based on a theme "The Thousand and One Nights". That is why some streets in Opa-Locka have names like Sabur Lane, Sultan Avenue, Ali Baba Avenue, and Sesame Street. The city's name derives from a Seminole Indian name "Opa-tisha-woka-locka", which means "the high land north of the little river on which there is an old camping place." Today, Opa-Locka is home to America' largest collection of Moorish Revival architecture. Twenty of Opa-Locka's buildings are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Sightseeing opportunities in Opa Locka and the Miami area include the Sun Life Stadium, Calder Casino and Race Course, Miami GP Raceway, Cigarette Racing Team Llc, and Amelia Earhart Park.

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