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More than 100 years after Babe Ruth took the mound for the Boston Red Sox, his daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, took the mound (well, actually, she took the grass just beyond home plate), reeled back and threw the ball ... into the dirt.

The 98-year-old’s ceremonial pitch in a July 2015 game against the New York Yankees, the most recent tossed by the only surviving child of the legendary Ruth, was quickly scooped up by the catcher.

Packed Fenway Park roared. Fans gave her a standing ovation.

It’s moments like this that make Major League Baseball more than just a ball, bat and glove contest between two teams. The game belongs to the fans as much as it does to the players.

That’s why every fall, baseball devotees from all over flock to the cities hosting the championship to end all championships, the World Series.

2017 MLB World Series Schedule

The 2017 MLB World Series is between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The schedule is as follows:

1Tue - Oct 24, 2017Los Angeles
2Wed - Oct 25, 2017Los Angeles
3Fri - Oct 27, 2017Houston
4Sat - Oct 28, 2017Houston
5Sun - Oct 29, 2017Houston
6Tue - Oct 31, 2017Los Angeles
7Wed - Nov 1, 2017Los Angeles
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MLB World Series

2013 World Series

Who said he can’t play?

In the bottom of the ninth during Game 1 of the 1988 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Oakland A’s, the Dodgers down 4-3 with one man on and Dennis Eckersley on the mound for the A’s, an injured Kirk Gibson hobbled out of the Dodger dugout to the batter’s box - and hit a 3-2 slider over the right field fence.

Karma is karma is karma

Boston Red Sox’s Carlton Fisk jumping up and down like little kid willing his long drive to left field to clear the foul pole as he ran to first base in the bottom of the 12th in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. It did. That walkoff homerun kept the series against the Cincinnati Reds alive.

Ain’t over till it’s over

In Game 7 of the 1997 World Series, the Miami Marlins taking on the Cleveland Indians, Edgar Renteria hit a two-out, bases-loaded single in the 11th to give the Marlins the Series win.

Some things about the World Series you might not know:

  • The Red Sox won in 1918 and not again until 2004. Legend has it Boston was cursed for trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees.
  • The Red Sox won the World Series three of the five years Babe Ruth played for them.
  • The World Series was cancelled twice since officially beginning in 1903. Once was in 1904 when National League champions New York Giants refused to play American League champs Boston Pilgrims; and in 1994 due to a players’ strike.
  • The American League has won 63 times; the National League has won 47 times.
  • Beer was the first concession sold at World Series games. It makes sense that salty beer companions like hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn soon followed.
  • At the 101st World Series in 2014, fans at both Kansas City Royal’s Kauffman Park and San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park became the first to be able to use their phones to buy hot dogs and beer and assorted other food stuffs with Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
  • Players on the winning team get trophies and championship rings. But, before 1922 when the New York Giants became the first team to issue rings, players were given pocket watches or tokens.

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