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Fujairah Private Jet Charter
Fujairah Private Jet Charter
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Fujairah Private Jet Charter Service

Trusted Fujairah Jet Charter Company since 2005

Trusted Fujairah Jet Charter Service Since 2005

Looking for private jet charter to or from Fujairah, United Arab Emirates? Paramount Business Jets is the ultimate choice for your next jet charter flight in and out of Emirate of Fujairah. Our quick 100 mile radius search reveals over 29 private aircraft available for on demand charter flights in the Fujairah region. The most commonly chartered aircraft types in the area include the Learjet 60 and Hawker 800XP (midsize jets), the Legacy 600, Challenger 604, Falcon 900 DX, and Gulfstream G300 (large jets). Fujairah can be reached by over 5 airports located within a 50 mile radius of the city center. The closest of these airports are the Fujairah International Airport (FJR), the Ras Al Khaimah International Airport (RKT), and the Sharjah International Airport (SHJ). At Paramount Business Jets, we provide you with best value aircraft charter options to fit all your private aviation needs, both domestically and internationally. If you would like additional information about our private jet charter services or would like to book a flight to Fujairah today, you can reach us 7 days a week by phone at +1-877-727-2538 or by email at

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Private Jets and Helicopters Available for Hire Near Fujairah

Learjet 60XR Midsize 2008 6
Hawker 4000 Super Midsize 2008 8
Challenger 604 Large 1999 10
Challenger 605 Large 2008 12
Falcon 900DX Large 2005 13
G450 Large 2007 14
Legacy 600 Large 2007 9

Fujairah Empty Leg Flights and Available Airport Options

Fujairah Airports within 50 Miles

  1. Fujairah International Airport, OMFJ, FJR, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
  2. Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, OMRK, RKT, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
  3. Sharjah International Airport, OMSJ, SHJ, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  4. Minhad Ab Airport, OMDM, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  5. Dubai International Airport, OMDB, DXB, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  6. Khasab Airport, OOKB, KHS, Khasab, Oman
  7. Al Ain International Airport, OMAL, AAN, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
  8. Abu Dhabi Northeast Airport, OM11, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  9. Abumusa Island Airport, OIBA, Abumusa Island, Iran

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Fujairah Weather

Current Conditions

Haze (measured at 11:54 AM UTC)
34°C, 93°F
0.0 mm
998 mb
Cloud Cover:
5 km
Wind Speed:
11 mph, 17km/h
Wind Direction:
90° E

5-Day Forecast

 Jul 19Jul 20Jul 21Jul 22Jul 23
Blank Image Placeholder Partly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudyPartly cloudy
Precipitation0.0 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm0.0 mm
Max Temp37 °C, 98 °F36 °C, 97 °F36 °C, 98 °F36 °C, 96 °F35 °C, 95 °F
Min Temp27 °C, 80 °F28 °C, 82 °F27 °C, 81 °F26 °C, 78 °F26 °C, 79 °F
Wind Direction131 ° SE123 ° ESE118 ° ESE116 ° ESE112 ° ESE
Wind Speed10 km/h, 6 m12 km/h, 7 m11 km/h, 7 m12 km/h, 7 m13 km/h, 8 m

Fujairah City Overview

Fujairah is one of the seven Emirates which form the United Arab Emirates, with an area of 450 square miles (1,170 sq. km). Fujairah lies on the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula bordered by Oman Coast to the east, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah to the west, and Kalba of Sharjah to the south. Fujairah extends on the Gulf of Oman over 70 Km from Ousla village to Dibba to the north. The emirate of Fujairah encompasses the city of Fujairah, which is the capital of the emirate, and several main cities and towns of Khor Fakkan, Dibba, Mirbeh, Al Bidiah and Masafi. Destination characterized by beautiful mountains, glorious sandy beaches, semi tropical climate and the clear Arabian Sea are preferred by many tourists seeking natural beauty tranquility. Fujairah along with Abu Dhabi is often referred to as the Arabian Jewel for its rich culture and traditions. Fujairah is home to many historical places including the Fujairah Fort, Al Bidyah Mosque, Al Heil Castle, Al Bithnah Fort, Fujairah Museum, Heritage Village and a number of prominent archeological sites. Fujairah provides easy access to nearby natural attractions including Ain Al Ghamour, Ain Madhab Park, Wadi Dam, Wadi Zikt, Wadi Al Wurayah, Al Wurayah Waterfalls, Wadi Al Tawian, Wadi Siji, Wadi Dlm Waterfalls, Masafi Waterfalls and Wadi Al Hail. With its historic and cultural attractions, diverse entertainment activities, extensive shopping centers, traditional souks and a number of excellent hotels, Fujairah has a lot to offer to its visitors from all over the world. Fujairah has a well developed system of transportation that provides its tourists easy access to the city or other destinations around the United Arab Emirates.

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